Lanterna 3.1.0 released

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Dec 21, 2020, 3:41:30 AM12/21/20
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Hello everyone,
I've released 3.1.0 yesterday and it should be available on Maven Central by now. This is the first release of 3.1, in total 225 commits on top of 3.0. Notable changes are:
  • Now targets Java 8
  • Menu support
  • Better mouse click support
  • Better emoji support
  • MultiWindowTextGUI no longer forces a VirtualScreen around the supplied Screen
  • IME support (Swing/AWT terminal)
  • Each component now has an independent visibility flag that can be toggled
  • Can automatically close action dialogs after action is performed
  • Partially re-written Table component to better handle size constraints
  • LinearLayout is more flexible and will shrink the largest component when there is no more space available and grow when it can
In general upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1 shouldn't be too challenging but do expect some changes in the API that might prevent your software from building. The sneakiest change that is likely to go initially unnoticed is that MultiWindowTextGUI no longer wraps the supplied Screen with a VirtualScreen, which means that the terminal area is no longer "infinite" (in 3.0 it would add screen scrolling if the text UI grew larger than the actual terminal window). You can easily achieve the same effect in 3.1+ by wrapping the screen you are passing in to the MultiWindowTextGUI with a VirtualScreen yourself.

The credits list for this release is pretty long:
  • Martin Berglund
  • Levi Yourchuck
  • Keith Lea
  • andreblanke
  • Peter Reutemann
  • Klaus Hauschild
  • reibitto
  • Bruno Eberhard
  • Andrzej Sołtysik
  • Vebjorn Ljosa
  • saber-nyan
  • jrb0001
  • Igor
  • Andreas L
  • SmoeJith
  • Petr Hanek
  • Peter Sebastian Nordholt
  • OndiekOwaga
  • Martin Vseticka
  • Loïc Broquet
  • Keith Lea
  • Gabriel Lee
  • Bastien Jansen
  • Andrew Obuchowicz
Thank you very much for everyone's contributions!

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