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Jun 6, 2012, 6:21:45 PM6/6/12
I just finished reading Land of Lisp, which I enjoyed a lot.
I used sbcl to run the code, so I had to modify
a few functions in order to get everything working.
I want to report these changes, in case somebody is interested in
using sbcl instead of clisp.

First make sure that the libraries asdf and usocket are loaded.
asdf is bundled by default with sbcl, usocket is easily installed
with quicklisp.

ch 7:   dot->png
ch 13:  serve hello-request-handler
ch 19:  dod-request-handler
ch 20:  web-handle-human

chapter 7

;; assuming asdf is loaded.
(defun dot->png (fname thunk)
  (with-open-file (*standard-output*
                   :direction :output
                   :if-exists :supersede)
    (funcall thunk))
   (format nil "dot -Tpng -O ~A" fname)))

chapter 13

;; assuming usocket is loaded.
(defun serve (request-handler)
  (let ((socket (usocket:socket-listen "" 8080 :reuse-address t)))
         (loop (with-open-stream (stream
                    (usocket:socket-stream (usocket:socket-accept socket)))
                 (let* ((url (parse-url (read-line stream nil)))
                        (path (car url))
                        (header (get-header stream))
                        (params (append (cdr url)
                                        (get-content-params stream header)))
                        (*standard-output* stream))
                   (funcall request-handler path header params))))
      (usocket:socket-close socket))))

(defun hello-request-handler (path header params)
  (if (equal path "greeting")
      (let ((name (assoc 'name params)))
        (format t "HTTP/1.1 200 OK~%~%")
        (if (not name)
            (princ "<html><form>What is your name?<input name='name' /></form></html>")
            (format t "<html>Nice to meet you, ~a!</html>" (cdr name))))
      (princ "Sorry... I don't know that page.")))

chapter 19

(defun dod-request-handler (path header params)
  (format t "HTTP/1.1 200 OK~%~%")
  (if (equal path "game.html")
      (progn (princ "<!doctype html>")
             (tag center ()
               (princ "Welcome to DICE OF DOOM!")
               (tag br ())
               (let ((chosen (assoc 'chosen params)))
                 (when (or (not *cur-game-tree*) (not chosen))
                   (setf chosen nil)
                 (cond ((lazy-null (caddr *cur-game-tree*))
                        (web-announce-winner (cadr *cur-game-tree*)))
                       ((zerop (car *cur-game-tree*))
                         (when chosen
                           (read-from-string (cdr chosen)))))
                       (t (web-handle-computer))))
               (tag br())
               (draw-dod-page *cur-game-tree* *from-tile*)))
      (princ "Sorry... I don't know that page.")))

chapter 20

;; the function web-handle-human must also be modified as follows.
(defun web-handle-human (pos)
  (cond ((not pos) (princ "Please choose a hex to move from:"))
        ((eq pos 'pass) (setf *cur-game-tree*
                              (cadr (lazy-car (caddr *cur-game-tree*))))
         (princ "Your reinforcements have been placed.")
         (tag a (href (make-game-link nil))
           (princ "continue")))
        ((not *from-tile*) (setf *from-tile* pos)
         (princ "Now choose a destination:"))
        ((eq pos *from-tile*) (setf *from-tile* nil)
         (princ" Move cancelled."))
        (t (setf *cur-game-tree*
                (cadr *cur-game-tree*)
                 (lazy-find-if (lambda (move)
                                 (equal (car move)
                                        (list *from-tile* pos)))
                               (caddr *cur-game-tree*))))
           (setf *from-tile* nil)
           (princ "You may now ")
           (tag a (href (make-game-link 'pass))
             (princ "pass"))
           (princ " or make another move:"))))

That's it.

Robert Taylor

Jun 6, 2012, 6:22:57 PM6/6/12

Thank you kindly!

Have not had time to finish it but was hoping to complete the book.
This helps, I want to complete the book via SBCL.


Jason Debono

Dec 10, 2013, 7:39:05 AM12/10/13
Thanks a lot.

I found the code you gave for Chapter 7 helpful, and most probably soon I will find the code you gave for the other chapters helpful also!


Wesley Ellis

Feb 26, 2015, 8:30:52 AM2/26/15
I wanted to add to this because I was using sbcl/emacs/Windows7 and not asdf, and I had a heck of a time getting the dot->png to work:

(defun dot->png (fname thunk)
    (with-open-file (*standard-output*
                   (concatenate 'string "C:/Users/xb0g/Desktop/" fname) 
                   :direction :output
                   :if-exists :supersede)
    (funcall thunk))
    (sb-ext:run-program "C:/Users/xb0g/usr/bin/graphviz/bin/dot.exe"
     (list "-Tpng" "-O" (concatenate 'string "C:/Users/xb0g/Desktop/" fname))))

I'm sure there is a better way to handle the file-paths, but this is what I ended up getting to work. I had graphiz installed in a strange place, so I dumped the png to my desktop. Hopefully someone else will find this useful.
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