HOT~Zipped !! Lana Del Rey Blue Banisters Album Download

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HOT~Zipped !! Lana Del Rey Blue Banisters Album Download Popular singer Lana Del Rey Today dropped another great Album titled “Blue Banisters” Its trending and is right here for your free download. 

Lana Del Rey comes with another new album call “Blue Banisters”. Download the Full Blue Banisters album in mp3 only here.

As promised, Lana Del Rey’s next studio album, her second this year, Blue Banisters is on its way. In an unexpected surprise to her fans, the star released three new songs from the forthcoming project on Thursday: the title track “Blue Banisters,” “Text Book,” and the Mike Dean-produced “Wildflower Wildfire.” They offer our first taste of the forthcoming record, expected out on Independence Day, which finds the 35-year-old songwriter diving into her psyche, one that feels wiser and delves deeper into her core identity than ever before.

Lana Del Rey fans have had a treat recently, with not only one new album this year but the promise of another, and now the surprise of three new singles. It made my day to see “Blue Banisters”, “Text Book”, and, “Wildflower Wildfire” appear on my YouTube feed. Obviously, I had to listen straight away.  

On the 28th of April, Del Rey posted a picture to her Instagram with the Blue Banister artwork and promised us an album on the 4th of July. This had led me to infer that the album was going to be called Blue Banisters. This could therefore be the lead single from the upcoming album, or perhaps it is just the first single. Either way, I was excited to delve in. 

It sounds very similar to Chemtrails Over The Country Club in style, but has a little bit more power behind the vocals. This was great for me to hear, as, much as I’ve loved the new era of Del Rey, I have missed the power and the projection of her earlier work, such as the tracks on Born To Die. Chemtrails Over The Country Club was a spectacular piece of art, but I felt that it lacked fire and passion in places and was very slow and steady. “Blue Banisters” is similar in style, but it gives more of a taste of the range that Del Rey is really capable of. I would recommend going and taking a listen!