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We made the Scuttlebutt News……..

Of course not for our great winds and sailing, but for our drink.


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Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Thursday, June 2, 2022 - Issue 6075


Les Voiles d'Antibes, organized every year around the first week of June,
marks the opening of the Mediterranean circuit for Traditional Yachts. Click
above for a tease by photographer Michael Kurtz on Facebook.

Scuttlebutt is published each weekday with the support of its sponsors,
providing a digest of major sailing news, commentary, opinions, features and
dock talk…with a North American focus.

Today's sponsors:
BSI - US Sailing

<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-o/> Fresh set
of eyes on sailing in the USA

When US Sailing
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-b/> named Alan
Ostfield as the organization's new Chief Executive Officer, it was an
interesting choice. Unlike previous administrators, Ostfield was not a
sailor, or at least not yet. But he knows sports, and is a fresh set of eyes
for the job. Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck checked in with the US boss
after his first year on the job:

What was life like before US Sailing?
I've been in the sports business my entire career, from Outside Counsel to
the Dallas Cowboys to General Counsel of the San Diego Padres, to Chief
Operating Officer, President, and CEO of an organization that owns the
Detroit Pistons and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

So I've been in the sports and entertainment world for 25 years and have
seen firsthand the importance of sports teams in the community. So if you
work for a quality sports organization, you're active in the community, and
you're using sports to make a difference in the world.

When I joined the Board of the US Tennis Association, which is the national
governing body, I found it to be the same mission. So whether it's an NGB or
nonprofit or professional sports organization that's doing its job
appropriately, they're active in the community. So this was a natural
transition to leverage sailing and all its great attributes to make a

Given your experience as a team working within leagues, how is it now to be
in charge of a league?
Well, it is exciting to help structure the sport, to help enable an
organization to do something good for the participants, to do something good
for the athletes, to do something good for the world. Our kids programs, for
example, are teaching sailing but also teaching things far beyond sailing.

That's the difference we can make. The Siebel Sailors Program is teaching
kids to not just be good sailors, but be quality adults. The Reach Program
is teaching kids STEM subjects. So its programs like that which are
inspiring and great to be involved in.

You are a fresh set of eyes. What do you see that the rest of us missed?
I'm not sure if people have missed it, but to come in as I did, as a fresh
set of eyes, as you say, to see the passion that people have for sailing is
really amazing. Maybe if you've been involved in it so long, you sort of
take that passion for granted, but for someone like me, the passion that
people bring to the sport is inspiring. -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-n/> Read on


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-f/> BSI Rig
Inspections – don’t delay book yours today!

Your yacht is off the hard and back in the water, right where it belongs.
With the Northern Hemisphere season starting up and regardless of whether
your plans consist of racing or cruising adventures, remember to have your
rig checked.

Go straight to the experts to have your rig inspected by our dealer and
service network, and have any faulty parts replaced with genuine BSI parts.
Our service agents inspect all makes of rigging, so prepare your rig for the
upcoming season with your nearest BSI Service Center:

Wingfoiling: Checking a lot of boxes

The inclusion of a kite event was planned for the Rio 2016 Olympics, but a
rare change of course proved to be a blessing. The equipment was still
evolving and needed to remain free of restriction to find its future.

When World Sailing chose to make no changes to the events and equipment for
Tokyo 2020, that allowed more time for clever people to push the limits. But
when the seemingly stable Formula Kite Class got the nod in 2018 for the
Paris 2024 Olympics, lurking in the shadows was the next greatest thing.

What people liked about kiting was the simplicity. Easy to carry the gear
to the beach, but when the kite comes out of the backpack, a lot of space is
needed to sort out the rigging. So the clever people took another step and
developed the handheld inflatable wing.

By combining the wing with the foil board, the latest trend of Wingfoiling
has emerged, and this has World Sailing wondering how to stay in phase with
its Olympic events. At its 2022 Mid-Year Meeting, it became a topic as World
Sailing recognized the potential of Wingfoiling for inclusion in future
Olympic programs.

Here's a report from Yachting New Zealand about this latest trend:


Barry Thom didn't really know what sort of response the Manly Sailing Club
(Auckland, NZL) would get when they advertised some fairly low-key wingfoil
racing recently but it's now left the commodore knowing they need to
incorporate the sport into their club activities.

As many as 26 wingfoilers lined up at Manly, including the likes of former
Olympic windsurfing champion Tom Ashley and Shayne Bright, another top
windsurfer in his time, as well as New Zealand kitefoiling representative
Hugo Wigglesworth. Three-time Olympic medalist Barbara Kendall was on the
start boat but itching to get among the action.

But most of those who showed up were people Thom had never seen before.
From what he can tell, most were surfers, standup paddleboarders, and those
who had just fallen in love with the relatively new sport and keen to see
what it would be like to go racing.

"We got a surprise with how many people turned up," Thom said. "People are
being drawn from a wide spectrum and it seems to have sparked people's
imagination." -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-e/> Read on


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-s/> New Era,
New Buzz for The Ocean Race

When the Volvo Ocean 65 was introduced, it was to boost participation in
the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. The cost to compete had gotten beyond what
most campaigns could fund, so this new one design boat provided the chance
to enter the race at a later stage, and with a smaller budget.

It was a good plan, though the boats were quietly criticized for being a
bit too conservative. Regardless, they served their purpose for that race,
and for the 2017-18 edition, but fear was that they'd lost enough luster to
carry the torch into the future.

The plan for the Farr-designed Volvo Ocean 65 was a two-year commitment for
it to be ‘the’ boat, and with a
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-w/> new
ownership group taking control of the event and looking forward to the 14th
edition, the shift was made to
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-yd/> partner
with the much ballyhooed IMOCA 60.

Now called The Ocean Race, the 2022-23 edition will feature both classes,
with the <https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-yh/>
entry list shining a bit more brightly on the high performance, foiling
offshore 60-footer.

The buzz among skippers committed to the first ever participation of IMOCAs
in what is regarded as the unofficial world championship of fully-crewed
offshore ocean racing, is that this event will mark the start of a new era
with many more boats taking part in the race that follows the 2023 edition.

Paul Meilhat (FRA), the skipper of the new foiler Biotherm, which is
currently completing construction at the Persico yard in Italy, has always
been one of the most enthusiastic IMOCA skippers about The Ocean Race. He is
relishing the chance to show how it can work for IMOCA teams on both a
commercial and sporting level.

“I was one of the first who believed strongly in this race three years
ago,” said Meilhat. “I think The Ocean Race is exactly the event that meets
the needs of our program in the IMOCA 60s, which has always been dominated
by French sailors and the same racetracks. I believe this really will be a
mind-opening revolution for the Class." -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-yk/> Read on


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-yu/> Yacht
Club House Drinks 2022

Sailing has its traditions, and for better or worse, the adult beverage is
one of them. At some yacht clubs, this tradition goes so far as a designated
house drink. In 2010, Scuttlebutt took on the task of creating a list of
these house drinks. Here's the 2022 edition:

• American Yacht Club (Rye, NY) - Planter's Punch
• Barrington Yacht Club (Barrington, RI) - Pain Killer
• Bay Head Yacht Club (Bay Head, NJ) - Steak Knife, Light & Dark
• Bayview Yacht Club (Detroit, MI) -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-jl/> Hummer
• Chicago Yacht Club (Chicago, IL) - Thunderhead
• Chelsea Yacht Club (Chelsea, NY) - Rum Punch
• Chester Yacht Club (Chester, Nova Scotia) - Lamb’s (Amber rum) and Coke
• City Island Yacht Club (City Island, NY) -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-jr/> Dark and
• Club de Yates de Acapulco (Acapulco, MEX) - una Betty
• Corinthian Yacht Club (Seattle, WA) -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-jy/> Dark and
• Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (Darling Point, NSW) - Mutton Bird
• Dillon Yacht Club (Dillon, CO) -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-jj/> Dark and
• East Greenwich Yacht Club (East Greenwich, RI) - Dirty Harry
• Eastport Yacht Club (Annapolis, MD) - Juanita's Margarita/ Rum Punch
• Edgartown Yacht Club (Edgartown, MA) - Planter’s Punch
• Florida Yacht Club (Jacksonville, FL) -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-jt/> Florida
Yacht Club Special
• Grand Traverse Yacht Club (Traverse City, MI) - Jibtop (Gosling's & Diet
• Houston Yacht Club (La Porte, TX) - Liston Rum Punch (in honor of Past
Commodore James Liston)
• Indian Harbor Yacht Club (Greenwich, CT) - Black Top
• Lake Geneva Yacht Club (Fontana-On-Geneva Lake, WI) - Gay Buddy (Mt Gay
Rum and iced tea)
• Lake George Yacht Club (Lake George, NY) - Indian Joe
• Larchmont Yacht Club (Larchmont, NY) - Montesano Cooler
• Madison Beach Club (Madison, CT) - Lightning
• Manhasset Bay Yacht Club - Beer
• Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club (Monterey, CA) - MOP (Myer's, OJ, and
• New York Yacht Club (Newport Station) - The Hillslide
• Newport Harbor Yacht Club (Newport Beach, CA) - Mai Tai
• Ocean Beach Yacht Club (San Diego, CA) - 12-pack of Natural Light
• Pensacola Yacht Club (Pensacola, FL) - Blue Bar Bushwhacker
• Pewaukee Yacht Club (Pewaukee, WI) - Special (lots of Mount Gay)
• Richmond Yacht Club - Loomisarita (Tequila, Grand Marnier, juice of one
• Rochester Yacht Club (Rochester, NY) - Wedge
• Royal Burnham Yacht Club (Essex, UK) - Max's Special
• Royal Nassau Sailing Club (Nassau, Bahamas) - Yellow Bird
• San Francisco Yacht Club (Belvedere, CA) - Spooli-Oooli
• Scuttlebutt Sailing Club - Cadillac Margarita
• Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club (Oyster Bay, NY) - Southside
• South Beach Yacht Club (San Francisco, CA) - Geoff Daw (or simply "a
• Southern Yacht Club (New Orleans, LA) - Red Drink (aka Planter’s Punch)
• St. Francis Yacht Club (San Francisco, CA) - Sloe Gin Fizz
• Staniel Cay Yacht Club (Exumas, Bahamas) - Goombay Smash
• Storm Trysail Club - Mudslide
• Texas Corinthian Yacht Club (Kemah, TX) - Rum Gums
• Wayzeta Yacht Club (Wayzata, MN) - Bootleggers (mixing leftovers
• Yacht Club’s along the Gulf Coast - Bushwacker

Any revisions or additions? Send them to
<mailto:edi...@sailingscuttlebutt.com> edi...@sailingscuttlebutt.com.


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-ji/> Register
for California US Open Events!

Are you a dinghy sailor? Don’t miss the action on the West Coast this
summer! Registration is open for the San Diego and Long Beach West Marine US
Open Sailing Series events. The events include a wide range of classes
(including the recent inclusion of the Snipe to the San Diego regatta), so
there’s something for everyone! San Francisco registration will be open

New this year, sailors competing in Olympic classes will be eligible for
prize money at each event. Athletes can win for $1000 for first place, $500
for second, and $250 for third.

US Open Sailing Series San Diego
June 17-19, 2022
ILCA 4, ILCA 6, ILCA 7, Nacra 15, 29er, International 420, Finn*, Snipe*
*Racing on Sat/Sun only

US Open Sailing Series Long Beach
July 15-17, 2022
ILCA 4, ILCA 6, ILCA 7, Nacra 17, 29er, 49er, 49er FX, International 420,
470, iQFOiL, Kite Foil, Finn*
*Racing on Sat/Sun only

<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-jk/> Beware
of misfuelling dangers

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which is the leading
trade association in the USA representing boat, marine engine, and accessory
manufacturers, is advocating for better consumer protection as the the
boating season begins.
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-ju/> Here’s
their report:


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-tl/> In May
2022, Representative Lois Frankel (D-FL-21) and Representative Austin Scott
(R-GA-08), members of the Congressional Boating Caucus and strong advocates
for the recreational boating industry, reintroduced bipartisan legislation
to more clearly define and label fuel blended with more than 15 percent
ethanol (E15) at pumps to protect consumers from misfuelling.

The Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act addresses a crucial
policy priority for the recreational boating industry and would better
protect engines negatively affected by E15- such as those in recreational
boats – by clearly labeling E15 at the pump and warning consumers about the
harmful impacts of misfuelling.

E15 expansion in the marketplace has led to widespread misfuelling
resulting in compromised emissions controls, increased safety concerns and
financial burdens to consumers. E15 destroys engines in a wide range of
commonly used consumer products, including recreational boats, yet most
Americans are unaware that E15 poses a threat to their engines.

“With EPA once again expanding the availability of E15 during peak boating
season, it is long past time for Congress to take action and protect
consumers from the dangers of misfuelling,” said Callie Hoyt, director of
federal government relations at the NMMA.

“The destructive properties of E15 when used in boats, lawnmowers,
generators, and other small engines remain the same, yet the majority of
Americans are unaware, at no fault of their own. Thankfully, Representatives
Scott and Frankel have spearheaded important legislation to clear up the
misinformation around E15 and protect millions of American consumers at the

Industry stakeholders are invited to
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-tr/> take
action on the industry’s grassroots platform, Boating United, and urge their
members of Congress to support the bipartisan Consumer Protection and Fuel
Transparency Act to improve misfuelling mitigation requirements at the pump.

Take action here:



<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-td/> First
woman to lead U.S. Coast Guard

Washington, DC (June 1, 2022) - Adm. Karl L. Schultz was relieved as
Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard today by Adm. Linda L. Fagan during a
military change-of-command ceremony presided over by President Joseph R.
Biden Jr. at Coast Guard Headquarters. Fagan is the Coast Guard’s first
woman to hold the rank of four-star admiral. Today, she again made history
not only as the first woman to lead the Coast Guard—but also as the first
woman Service Chief of any U.S. military service. -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-th/> Full


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-tk/> Full-on
lottery at World Cup Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (June 1, 2022) - After fickle winds and limited
racing yesterday, all fleets had to survive lottery conditions on the second
day of the Hempel World Cup Series at the Allianz Regatta. Canadian Sarah
Douglas had a forgettable day, posting a 29-34 to drop to 20th in the ILCA
6. For the US squad, 49er team Andrew Mollerus/ Ian MacDiarmid with scores
today of 6-4-7-2 are in 8th. -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-tu/> Full


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-il/> Founders
Trophy to honor top females

A new perpetual trophy will be introduced at the 2022 International
Optimist Regatta (IOR), set for June 13-19 in St. Thomas, USVI. The Founders
Trophy serves as an inspiration to honor past and promote present and future
participation in the event by female sailors. -
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-ir/> Full


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-iy/> 2022
Atlantic Cup is cancelled

The biennial
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-ij/> Atlantic
Cup, which was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had to be put
on hold again in 2022 due to low entries. With borders still closed at the
end of 2021, the small USA fleet could not get augmented with any European
teams. As the longest offshore race in the Western Atlantic for the Class40,
the 7th edition of the event had planned a
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-it/> three-leg
format which included Charleston, SC; Newport, RI; and Portland, ME. A large
fleet is anticipated in 2024 as the Atlantic Cup synchs with other scheduled
offshore events.


<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-id/> EVENTS

Adding your event information on the free, self-serve regatta calendar is
the easiest way to communicate to both sailors and sailing media. Here are
some upcoming events:

02/Jun-05/Jun - Southern Bay Race Week - Hampton, Virginia, USA
03/Jun-05/Jun - Cape Dory Typhoon National Champs - Irvington, VA, USA
03/Jun - Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race - Annapolis, MD, USA
03/Jun-05/Jun - Orlando Webb MC Regatta - Kansas City, MO, USA
04/Jun-05/Jun - Prindle 50th Year North Americans - Crystal Beach, TX, USA

Check out the regatta calendar:
<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-ih/> click here


Scuttlebutt strongly encourages feedback from the Scuttlebutt community.
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<https://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/j-l-vbdilt-ijtljhhdt-iu/> #6074)
The first part of your editor’s note on this topic is not an explanation of
why USA didn’t have sailors in Gold fleet as it is not USA specific in that
it applies to all countries with Optimists, etc. And your final point about
the size of the base of the pyramid may be off too.

When I immigrated to New Zealand, I assumed it must have a huge base under
the pinnacle that produced wins in the Admirals Cup, America’s Cup, Round
the World Race, and Olympic medals. But once here I realized that there is
almost no pyramid.

The same bunch of kids that were in Optimists together went on to do other
Youth events together then Olympics and some of that same bunch on to the AC
and Ocean Race. So maybe the lack of a broad base is not critical if a
talented bunch go up through the ‘tube’ pushing each other all the way?
- Steve Pyatt

Editor's note: Great point about how talented sailors emerge from
competitive environments, as Hall of Famers commonly give credit to their
peer group growing up. As for the USA, we were questioning youth programs in
that country, particularly with their age-based structure and emphasis on
institutional doublehanded boats used in school sailing. What's great about
the ILCA is how it opens the door to an intergenerational environment where
more established sailors can mentor the younger ones. However, if it is not
encouraged, the big kids may instead move off the water toward a football or
rugby field.


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