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yuting liu

Mar 16, 2021, 7:04:30 AM3/16/21
to the labscript suite
Hi everyone, 
I'm working with an AdWin Pro II and I noticed that at the very end of this conversation it mentions that this device used to be part of the lab-script package. I believe it has since been removed, but I'm wondering if anyone still has the file saved somewhere by chance.
I have read chapter seven of Dr.Starkey's thesis but I'm still fairly confused about the details of implementation. It would really help if someone could give a pointer to where to start or which examples to look at. Thanks a lot!

Philip Starkey

Mar 28, 2021, 8:31:29 AM3/28/21

I dug through the repository history and found this:
Unfortunately I cannot be certain if it is still compatible with current labscript. It also only appears to be the labscript side of things - I could not find the corresponding code for controlling the hardware itself. It's possible it is in the BLACS repository history somewhere (as it appears to predate the creation of labscript-devices) but it also may not be.

The simplest existing devices to look at are probably the PineBlaster and NovatechDDS9m in the labscript-devices repository. They implement a pseudoclock and an intermediate device (something clocked by a pseudoclock that has Digital/Analog/DDS outputs).
Alternatively, the PulseBlaster might also be useful as it (as well as being a pseudoclock) demonstrates how you create a device that is a pseudoclock with directly attached outputs (by internally creating a fake intermediate device). Which of these is most useful depends on how the Adwin Pro II works.

I'm not familiar with the AdWin Pro II, but it looks like it is made up of multiple modules. If all modules are programmed through the one PC interface, then they probably all need to be in one labscript_device class (at least for the BLACS code) but you'll probably want to start with just writing code for one module. If you can provide the model of the module you want to start with, that might help direct further discussion and I/other mailing list users may be able to provide some more specific guidance on where you should start.

Hope that helps!


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