Experiences with "Spectrum Instrumentation" Digital I/O or AWG-cards?

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Lars Kohfahl

Aug 2, 2021, 8:55:10 AM8/2/21
to the labscript suite
Dear labscript community,
we have found a company "Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH"  here in Germany selling fast Digitizers, AWG and digital I/O cards.
For us the most useful cards for atom experiments seem to be the AWG's (e.g. M4i.6631-x8 ) and maybe the Digital I/O cards (e.g. M2p.7515-x4 ) as digital output card or even as pseudoclock.
My question is: Has any other lab already experience with those cards implemented into labscript or thought about implementation?

Additional thoughts from what I found out until now:
From the specs these cards are comparable with e.g. SpinCore cards and in some features (Digital pulses of <10ns, memory size, more outputs) even better.
Especially regarding the DIO-cards I suppose that an implementation as pseudoclock is not possible (waits option only usable via segmented memories; looping arguments for ramps is not possible).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.


Philip Starkey

Aug 31, 2021, 7:15:49 PM8/31/21
to labscri...@googlegroups.com
Hi Lars,

We've discovered that this post may have fallen through the mailing list cracks. Seems like Gmail users may have had the email go to the spam folder (my Gmail seems to think your email domain is associated with spam).

So I'm just replying here to hopefully bump it in visibility!

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Lars Pause

Sep 1, 2021, 5:06:11 AM9/1/21
to the labscript suite
Thanks for information. I hope now a new mail address should be used which works better.
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