[FAQ] I've just installed the add-on and only "Help" appears.

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Feb 11, 2020, 7:29:49 AM2/11/20
to Labelmaker
Hey new merger,

So you have just installed the add-on and only "Help" appears in the menu? (like in the screenshot below)
That's a known issue that we have reported to Google. We're really sorry for that. But don't worry, there's a simple solution.

Solution: just refresh the page.
To refresh the page:
  • On Windows, click on CTRL + F5
  • On Mac, click on ⌘ + R
What you can have just after installing the add-on:

What you will get after refreshing the page:

Why do you need to refresh the page? Long story short. When you install the add-on for the first time, Google might getting buggy with the authentication process. Thus, you can see the add-on, but the add-on can not display the menu items. Refreshing the page resolves that issue 100% of the time.

PS: if you can not install the add-on or you can see it but it's grayed, get in touch with your G Suite administrator. She/he has put security configuration on your G Suite organization.


Apr 1, 2020, 4:42:55 PM4/1/20
to Labelmaker
I have refreshed three times and still only see the help option. I even closed the page and tried opening up a new one. Maybe I will close everything again and it will hopefully show up. 
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