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Piotr Janik

Dec 19, 2014, 11:43:57 AM12/19/14
Okay, so I quickly implemented automatic cleanup of old test runs (hurray).
There is a new script called limit-test-count.rb, it accepts one argument - max number of tests.

It's run by cron like all the other scripts. It runs every 3h and ensures that test count is <= 70 (we can change that easily).

However if it doesn't work for some reason and if anyone ends up in this state:

2014-12-18 22:42 GMT+01:00 Sam Fentress <>:
Piotr, do you know about manually updating the Selenium snapshots? It looked like it had run out of memory (the metadata.js file was half-written, and complained about swap errors), so I cleared out a number of the snapshot folders by hand, and made the metadata.js file syntactically-valid, but I am still unable to call rm-old-tests.rb. I didn't look at it long, though, and can get back to it tomorrow.

then the simplest fix is to delete screenshots/metadata.js (it will be recreated automatically) and all the test results by hand (screenshots/test_*).


Scott Cytacki

Dec 19, 2014, 3:18:45 PM12/19/14
to lab-models
Does this setup delete old snapshots? Or does it just keep there from being newer ones after the first 70?

Since the snapshots are not always the same, deleting old ones might cause problems when a tester goes to look at an issue that they saw a few days ago with a particular test run.

I'm not sure what the simple solution is here. Perhaps upping the disk space and having the count be in the hundreds might be cheaper than any more programmer time.

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Scott Cytacki
The Concord Consortium

Piotr Janik

Dec 19, 2014, 3:38:28 PM12/19/14
Yes, it just deletes old test runs.
I feel we were running out of space when the number of tests was much higher than 70, so probably we can increase it significantly.

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