A New Era for Humanity

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A New Era for Humanity

Whether we like it or not, humanity is entering into a new era.  And as far as history is concerned, every era has provided us both new openings and closures.  Since every closure is the consequence of something having gone terribly wrong with the old way of life, we are more inclined to lament and blame others (even for accidents and laws of nature) triggering a dormant hatred in our texture as being human to cause more conflict and belligerence, if not wars.

As it is stated in the new study released by EIU (the Intelligence Unit of the Economist Magazine) the United State has fallen to a FLAWED democracy: “The decline in the US democracy score reflects an erosion of confidence in government and public institutions over many years,” the report states. “[Trump’s] candidacy was not the cause of the deterioration in trust but rather the consequence of it.” 

What is indeed universal in this report is the fact that “an erosion of confidence in government and public institutions” has been the cause of failing governments regardless of their types (you name it; imperialistic, authoritarian, democratic, etc.) throughout the history of mankind.  In fact, in recent history, it has happened more in democratic ones (Nazi Germany, and the U.S), not because of the type of the government, but rather their enormous power.

That is where the conflict of interests plays a significant role in ambitious governments to weaken their rivals for more power.  And the easiest way or the oldest trick in the book that hardly ever fails is to create a fifth column in the targetted country to erode the confidence of its people in their own government and public institutions.  When the US political establishment as a whole blames Russia for having interfered in their sacred democratic elections by causing the same erosion, they simply forget the fact that this is what they have been doing to others for so long only in the name of human rights and spread of democracy.

Let’s take Iran for an example, its government (whether we agree with it or not) survived all these interferences and even the imposed eight long years of a devastating war to rank 7th in The Eight Great Powers of 2017.  Obviously, it is not news to the US which ranked 1st.  for so many years.  In fact, the empire must have foreseen it for so long.  Now looking into the politics in the region, Israel ranking 8th in the same list is an ally of the US, Iran is not.  Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is not a threat to American Interests, Iran is.  That is why prior US administrations have officially included Iran the list of countries detrimental to the interests of the US.

Therefore, while most of the terrorists of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, and almost all Islamist extremism and terrors are linked to the official religion of Saudi Arabia, Trump is not interested in facts, but rather an excuse to advance his own agendas.  So, he is smart enough not to specifically name Iran in the entire text of his executive order on immigration for protecting Americans against terrorism.  He makes a reference to the above-mentioned policy and laws to ban Iranians along with others (excluding Saudi Arabia and other proxies) from entering the US.  Then it is other interested groups, e.g. National Iranian American Council, NIAC to bring it up to the media.  This maneuver works precisely as Trump must have intended because even his most ardent supporters would have been baffled why not Saudi Arabia. 

Furthermore, they do not realize that Trump targetted wrong Muslims.  Even if Saudi Arabia was included in the list, it is by definition, barbarism to ban an entire population for the crime of a few.  Did Oklahoma (a red state supporting Trump) ever ban New Yorkers (residents of a blue state supporting Clinton) from going to Oklahoma because of the Oklahoma bomber (Timothy McVeigh) who committed a vicious terrorist act against its people?  Let alone the fact that he did it in revenge for the US killing innocent followers of David Koresh in Waco, Texas.

Then, the media is blamed for being biased against Trump and Canada ceases the opportunity to issue a welcome note for refugees.  Finally, Iran as an emerging power and a targetted country for the #Muslimban takes a different route.   Javad Zarif, the current Iranian foreign minister, goes online to tweet several statements like “#MuslimBan shows baselessness of U .S_ claims of friendship with the Iranian people while only having issues with the Government” ending with “Unlike the U.S., our decision is not retroactive.  All with valid Iranian visa will be gladly welcomed.”  To see a rather long (but more informative) one out of these tweets, click here.  Yet all we see in the media is something to the effect that Iran vows to reciprocate US visa ban! 

This is not the first time, a new era tested our desire for a new opening in advancing humanity.  In fact, it is at least the third (excluding real and bogus uprisings in Less Developed Countries) in the new millennia.  The first one triggered by the 9/11 tragedy when Bush hijacked it to invade Iraq.  What humanity did was a worldwide protest.  That protest, like many other ones, did not bear any fruits for humanity to advance.  It simply acted as an outlet to express anger and relax.  Palliative remedies never cure socio-political maladies, let alone advancing humanity. 

So we missed the first opportunity for a new opening.  Instead, we let forces of evil compete with each other to ruin our lives even more.

Then, by the end of Bush’s term not only the whole world witnessed the catastrophe of that invasion, American people were subject to a financial debacle as well.  I wrote a piece, comparing Obama with Ahmadinejad in which I wrote “One thing in common between the two is their enormous ability to build upon their association with the much-deprived portion of the society.  They are both streets smart.  One sharp difference between the two is the fact that Ahmadinejad –while not successful— does indeed represent his bases and lives a humble life.  Mr. Obama does not.  I do not intend to be cynical, but if “American White” is a symbol for oppressor and “American Black” for oppressed, I have seen more of “American White” in Mr. Obama than “American Black”; both in his domestic and foreign outlooks.  He has already pledged his allegiance to the ruling class of America by supporting them in privatizing gain to the rich and socializing loss to the poor.  But his more of the same policy is his imperialistic view.” 

Now after he leaves the high office, his legacy is more a division of blacks versus whites than an Obamacare that is also flawed for making the taxpayer (mostly middle class) pay for the poor’s health insurance without even asking why Medical Industrial Complex in the US is the most expensive one in the world.  It was under his watch that white women kept dying faster all over America.  While female mortality and suicide are blamed on drugs and alcohol, what is the underlying factor leading them to overdose.  I am not taking a negative position against any minority group to protest and long for socio-political justice, but there is a difference between “I have a dream…”  and “Black life matters”.  The latter is divisive because the poor, less educated, and even racist whites ponder how about our lives.  That is at least one reason for which 63% of white men and 53% of white women voted for Trump.

Then again we missed the second Juncture for a new opening.  But it was mostly the continuous realm of the same ruling class of America.  We were simply misled to believe it was going to be a real change for the better, not worse.  As Karl Sagan said “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken.”

Not only I hope not to miss this 3rd new opening for advancing at least one step closer to humanity, but also I believe this new era is indeed different.  It is no longer the same ruling class playing “good” versus “bad” or even “evil” versus “lesser evil” using its two arms named two different political parties.  It is a genuine campaign between a new economic hitman and the old establishment.  So here we are with a new era and all its dynamic closures and openings.  What is clear is the fact that becoming reactive to it will leave the door wide open for the forces of evil to push us even further into the dark side of the future for humanity to survive. 


Mohamad Purqurian


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