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Jul 31, 2011, 11:28:22 AM7/31/11
Someone familiar with Pakistani/Indian food and, more adept at reviews
than I could ever be, should visit and report on the Pak Indian
Kitchen & Sweet House. Recently opened at 656 King St. E. in the heart
of the Preston area of Cambridge.
Our son treated my wife and I to dinner last evening at this
establishment and here are a few observations.
Their web site states 'has an exquisite and stunningly renovated
banquet room accommodating up to 75 seated guests.' I believe if all
seats were occupied it would be extremely crowded leaving little room
for servers to get through.
The printed menu is not organized the way we have come to expect
restaurant menus, i.e. Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, etc. Rather, it
consists of many small pictures of the items with Pakistani or Indian
names and the price. For the three of us, the lack of any description
and not understanding the language made it difficult to make a choice.
We did recognize some names, Butter Chicken, Samosa, Pakora to name a
few but, many were mysteries to us.
It matters not that we didn't understand, or even now remember most of
the names of the dishes ordered, nor that some dishes when they
arrived, hardly resembled their menu picture, we shared and sampled
each of our choices and there was nothing that was not totally,
satisfyingly, delicious. I do know that I ordered the non-menu
special, an Afghan Pilau which contained more differently, yet
deliciously flavoured meats and perfectly cooked rice than one would
expect for its more than reasonable cost. I will enjoy the remainder
later today.
If I continued trying to describing more of the food we enjoyed I'm
afraid I would overwork "delicious" more than I already have.
The last restaurant that occupied these premises was rather short
lived. I hope this current one survives much longer.
I'll end this the same as I began, I hope someone familiar with the
dishes of Pakistan & India will dine at the Pak Indian Kitchen & Sweet
House and report.


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