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Risto H. Kurppa

Mar 15, 2009, 9:48:26 AM3/15/09
to kustomizer

I released 0.4 now, available in addresses ('legacy support' :)

I decided to provide the three addresses. kustomizer because it's
liked here and there, _latest to tell people they're installing the
latest and 0.4 if someone wants a specific version.

# (new) Kustomizer mailing list started: joing by mailing
# (new) wlan
# (new) install log stored to a file!
# (new) enter key added to the default keyboard
# (new) Finger keyboard
# (new) browse keyboard
# (new) Voicenote
# (new) qtopia calendar
# (new) Mokomodes
# (new) pipes
# (new) OMnewrotateMOD
# (new) leafpad
# (new) perpendicular
# (new) voicenote
# (new) acceleroids
# (new) qtopia notes/text edit
# (new) findutils
# (new) qtopia ringtone/profile settings tool (check wrench -> profiles)
# (new) netsurf - another not-working web-browser for you to play with
# (new) openmoko-browser2
# (fix) changed the following to point from repositories to original
url: centerim, openttd, numpty, xlogical
# (fix) Password now asked already in the first stage
# (fix) ntpclient installed & time updated in the first stage
# (fix) gpsd doesn't ask for autostart anymore -> one interaction less
required during the installation
# (fix) added libexif to make tangogps 0.9.6 work
# (fix) sortdesk now installed from to make sure
it's installed
# (fix) pythm-fix by yebo gogo (=some packages from SHR & then custom
pythm .tar.gz..)
# (fix) typo when installing enca - but enca still fails in md5sum mismatch..
# (fix) gwaterpas icon
# (fix) Another try with dillo-ssl
# (removed) tapuntap(aatap) - installed omnewrotatemod instead
# (removed) openmoko-mediaplayer2 - pythm does ~the same
# (removed) wireshark - not often needed..
# (removed) tangogps sample config - new yaouh version has fixed this?
# (removed) xmahjongg - it never installed..
# (removed) gpssight - installation fails
# (removed) liquidwar - package segfaults opkg..

There's still a problem with the log file thing, the log file is a
mess.. If anyone can work on it it'd be great.


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi

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