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Sep 3, 2007, 4:03:25 PM9/3/07
to Kusaal Language Development
Hi everyone,

I have set up a Consonants page on the group site. There's hardly
anything on it yet because I'm hoping some of you will be able to
contribute based on what you've found in looking at the Kusaal data
(using Phonology Assistant). It would be helpful to begin by listing
all the different phones present in the language according to "place
of articulation" categories (Plosives, Nasals, Fricatives, etc.), so
please feel free to fill in what you have found. Once that's done, we
can move on to determining the phonemes in the language by identifying
and comparing phonetically similar phones for contrast, complementary
distribution, or free variation.

Please use the "Consonants" page to contribute and edit information.
If you have a question, comment, observation, suggestion,
disagreement, or want to debate a point, please post it on this
"Kusaal Consonant" discussion page. We'll start another one for
vowels shortly.

Looking forward to your contributions!


Sep 17, 2007, 10:20:17 AM9/17/07
to Kusaal Language Development
Thanks for uploading your [p] - [b] comparison, Ryan. See if you can
post examples on the Consonants page. To keep things as simple as
possible, try to use words that don't have any special IPA symbols in
them. If you have to use IPA symbols, try using the SIL Doulos IPA
font I mentioned in my other message.

Also try to use minimal pairs in which both words are the same part of
speech whenever possible (both nouns, verbs, etc.). Otherwise,
someone could say the difference is due to the fact that one is a verb
and the other is a noun...

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