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Sep 17, 2007, 6:09:25 AM9/17/07
to Kusaal Language Development
Is there anyway to add text to a page containing IPA symbols and have
it come out looking right? I thought since the new SIL fonts were
unicode that it wouldn't be a problem but when I tried to past
something onto the consonants page, it came out all screwy. Any


Sep 17, 2007, 9:49:54 AM9/17/07
to Kusaal Language Development
I had the same trouble, Ryan. That's actually why I ended up
abandoning my efforts to create a wiki site for this project and doing
it on this Google group site instead. A font that I discovered worked
is SIL Doulos IPA. That's what I used for IPA symbols on the
Consonants and Vowels pages. I insert the symbols in a Word document
first, and then copy and paste on this site. Do the IPA symbols on
the consonant chart look right on your screen when you open the
Consonants page? What about the vowel symbols on the Vowels page?
Let me know, please. If it doesn't look right, we'll have to try
something else...


Sep 18, 2007, 8:26:45 PM9/18/07
to Kusaal Language Development

Ok, no problem now. If I use Internet Explorer then all the fonts
come out. I was using Mozilla Firefox before and the fonts didn't
show up in the page or when I posted them. No problem then. I'm
almost done with [b] and [m] minimal pairs. I'm trying to make notes
on anything I see along the way as well. I was a little bit
interested in the [kb] consonant blend. We'll see what turns up


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