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Jul 17, 2007, 1:17:48 AM7/17/07
to Kusaal Language Development
Hi everyone. You will see that I have changed the information in the
Kusaal Language Data page (sorry I didn't add a little blurb to that
effect when the View this page "Kusaal Language Data" e-mail went out
to you; I'm still learning the system :)

I'm pleased that several of you have already asked for the Phonology
Assistant database file (Kusaal.mdb). However, only one person has so
far confirmed that they have actually received it. Since I want to
make sure that everyone who asks for files receives them, please be
sure to let me know whether or not you got them. Otherwise I'm left

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Jul 18, 2007, 4:13:16 PM7/18/07
to Kusaal Language Development
Some of you have indicated that you have been experiencing difficulty
opening the Kusaal.mdb file that I sent you, or that you were not able
to open it at all.

Please note that this file cannot be opened directly on its own.
Unless you are a serious techie and know how to modify it, this file
MUST be opened by SIL's Phonology Assistant program. When you receive
it as an e-mail attachment and click on it, choose the SAVE option
rather than OPEN. Once it is downloaded to your computer, do not try
to open it directly by double-clicking on the file. If you do, it
will attempt to open with Microsoft Access, and will not succeed.
Don't ask me why Phonology Assistant saves the data file in Access
format; it just does :)

Instead, start the Phonology Assistant program (you can download it
for free from SIL's website if you don't already have it), select File
> Open Database, and then select the Kusaal file wherever you saved
it. It should open no problem.

If you have been able to do this successfully, please let me know if
the phonetic transcriptions and other information is showing properly
(no squares or other funny stuff that appears when characters don't
come through properly). I look forward to hearing from you!


Jul 18, 2007, 10:14:52 PM7/18/07
to Kusaal Language Development
Sorry for sending the same message twice, folks! I thought I'd lost
the first one and wrote another one. Looks like I didn't...


Jul 19, 2007, 5:38:28 PM7/19/07
to Kusaal Language Development
Just a note to let you all know that I have now posted the data file
to be used with Phonology Assistant at the following web address:

Just click on the blue DOWNLOAD button right near the bottom, select
SAVE (not OPEN), and save it somewhere on your computer. To look at
the data, start Phonology Assistant, select File > Open Database, and
go from there.

Let me know if you have any problems.


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