IceCandidateFoundEvent never triggers

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Moussa Traore

Jul 23, 2020, 3:23:50 PM7/23/20
to kurento
  • Operating system Ubuntu 18.04,
  • Installation method apt-get on Azure
  • Kurento version --> 6.14.0

I set up a turn server  .. When running the kurento-tutorial-java I get the IcecandidateEvent with no problem.
But then, implementing my own version, I am unable to get any IceCandidateEvent : 
Here is my code :
  • IceserverApplication
  • CallHandler
  • CallSssion
All files can be found in the attached files. Please tell me if you have any intuition about this. I have been on this for a long time now and am unable to figure this out.


Jun 16, 2023, 7:08:29 AM6/16/23
to kurento

Maybe my answer is no longer relevant, but I'll save it here anyway.
I discovered, that after 
application recevied IceCandidates, but onIceCandidateFound callback didn't invoke.
It happens because application lost this messages without throwing any exceptions in class ParamsFlattener. There is a method "unflattedComplexType" which uses ParametrizedTypeImpl.
ParametrizedTypeImpl should be exported since jdk9, because it exists in sun.reflect package. This might work in kurento tutorial without exporting, because this part of ParamsFlattener is never called (please double check it, I'm not sure).
Try to add
to your jvmArgs
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