No media flow after renegotiate / ICE-restart

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Sebastian Schmid

Jan 30, 2023, 3:59:25 AM1/30/23
to kurento
Hi all

I use Kurento to bridge WebRTC and RTC endpoints, which is working fine.

I also want to be able to reconnect after a client changed its network. From this post I learned that Kurento will not support ICE-restart and I should try a renegotiate instead.

I do it as follows:
  • Destroy the existing WebRTC endpoint
  • Create a new WebRTC endpoint
  • Handle SDP offer/answer
  • Connect new WebRTC endpoint to existing RTP endpoint end vice versa
I get an ICE connection state change to connected on both, the client and Kurento. But the Kurento media state never changes back to FLOWING and I cannot hear audio in any direction.

I do not see any errors in the Kurento logs.

Any hints?


Sebastian Schmid

Jan 30, 2023, 5:26:56 PM1/30/23
to kurento
Tried two other approaches:

Not working: "Renegotiation" of an existing WebRTCEndpoint (new offer/answer cycle) -> throws a "renegotiation not supported" exception in Kurento.

Working: Creating a completely new PeerConnection on client side -> it can connect and exchange media with the new WebRTC endpoint in Kurento (after having released the 1st one).

Thats fine for me. But please let me know if you recommend another approach.

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