Reminder to participate in the Contributor Summit in San Diego

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Yang Li

Aug 21, 2019, 1:01:51 PM8/21/19
Hi, I'm Yang Li, I'm working on programmed sessions of the upcoming
Contributor Summit in San Diego, on November 18th. I wanted to make
sure that your WG knew about it, because there are several things we'd
like you to participate in.

First, we're looking for Session and Workshop submissions for
pre-programmed sessions. These are sessions for three of the rooms
that will be submitted and picked in advance; we're looking not just
for presentations, but for discussions, and hands-on workshops or code
reviews. Submit them through this form, before September 9th:

We need your WG to send some folks to talk to contributors about
participating in your WG. Please have your group's representative(s)
complete the form below so that we can send them additional details
closer to the date.


1. Registration for current contributors will open September 5th.

2. Yes, we will have an unconference track as well. Talks for that
will be submitted just prior to the Summit and selected there.

3. No, there won't be SIG F2F sessions at this Summit. Instead, we are
asking SIGs to submit sessions with a specific topic or topics, aimed
at engaging folks who aren't normally SIG members. For example, SIG
Cluster Lifecycle has submitted "Cluster Lifecycle Roadmap" instead of
a F2F. There will probably be standard SIG F2Fs in Amsterdam,
depending on what the Amsterdam Event Team decides.

Tim Pepper

Aug 23, 2019, 2:38:41 PM8/23/19
to Yang Li,
FYI all we submitted the following for contrib summit. If it's not accepted, we'll propose it for the unconfernce:

WG LTS 2019 Year End Status / Proposal(s)

At the December 2018 contributor summit the Working Group LTS was just forming and we held an initial BoF to discuss the working group’s charter, scope, timeline and deliverables ( Work has continued across 2019 with the promise that the group will survey user/operator/developer feelings on the current support stance and formulate data driven change proposals in collaboration with our community of contributors. WG’s are time limited and we want to end this year with a recap of the year’s work, share the status and details of the change(s) under proposal, and enumerate possible future work.

Tim Pepper
Orchestration & Containers Lead
VMware Open Source Technology Center

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