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Cline, Geoffrey

Oct 27, 2020, 4:15:08 PM10/27/20

Hi All,


We discussed creating a video in the quarterly planning meeting. I volunteered to work with Joel……. But I lost his contact info. (I’m sorry please email or slack me).


The original motivation was to provide targeted assistance to people who want to participate in docs sprint workshops, but need help with git/github. This has shifted a bit due to the great unknown of COVID. Also, I think instructions on running hugo locally would be helpful.


I think the videos would be a great asset. However, maintaining video content is more difficult that simple markdown text.


I propose:

1.       Splitting the content it into a small number of videos.

·         The end goal would be a ‘learning path’ page or a youtube playlist

2.       Using existing high quality content where appropriate (e.g., basics of git, basics of pull requests on github)

·         Microsoft provides high quality github training on LinkedIn Learning (formerly

·         It’s proprietary :C

·         Seattle Public Library provides free access to those with a library card


·         There is also where you learn to use github interactively. Personally, I found this course very confusing even as a moderately knowledgeable github user. It’s done via a chatbot that creates issues for you on a sample repo.

·         🚩  If you know of any reliable git/github training, please send it my way


Initial draft outline:

1.       The basics of git: a first commit on a local repo

2.       The basics of github: fork, pull request

3.       CNCF specific stuff: setting up upstream and main, signing the CLA

4.       Building the site locally with hugo in a container

5.       What’s in your stack? Interview with contribution who shares what tools they use (vi, vscode, extensions, etc.)


Ideally, the first two would be external videos. We’d create the rest.


🚩 Please provide feedback on the outline in this google doc




Geoffrey Cline (AWS, Open Source Tech Writer)


Cline, Geoffrey

Dec 1, 2020, 10:07:04 AM12/1/20

🎉​ I have a first draft of a video!

draft title: working on a personal fork

(unlisted video - please do not share)

🚩 please send me feedback! (youtube comments, #sig-docs slack, google doc below, email me, etc.)

As I said in the first email (below), the concept I have is to create a learning path that includes some existing "how to git" videos, and then gradually step more into CNCF/k8s/sig-docs specific content.

Here is the feedback I've received internally so far, that I plan to incorporate into the final version:​

  • how to reference previous videos or git content without duplicating?
    • add "if you need help getting up to speed with using git, visit X" to start of video?
  • remove amazon footer from powerpoint template

nit (intro): you don't really set up GitHub on your computer, rather set up access to it? No big but with very new users, it might be confusing to say “get up github on your computer”
around 2:35, maybe introduce the git term "remotes" here? you get there later, but maybe nice to say "we call those remotes" or whatever, just to drop a breadcrumb
nit, around 4:54 - maybe be clear and say "to my *local* repository”? I know it’s obviously implied, but again just thinking about those super new folks

Geoffrey Cline

From: Cline, Geoffrey
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 1:09 PM
Subject: contributor getting started video

Celeste Horgan

Dec 4, 2020, 2:08:36 PM12/4/20
to kubernetes-sig-docs
Geoff! This is a fantastic video as-is! I don't have any feedback. This is awesome :)


raghvenders raghvenders

Dec 4, 2020, 2:46:43 PM12/4/20
to Celeste Horgan, kubernetes-sig-docs
Hi Geff,

It is awesome.I had given couple of suggestions / feedback on the thread you mentioned in the slack.
I am afraid if it got your eyes , I am pasting it again FYI.

Hope it helps and add some value.


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Joel Barker

Dec 4, 2020, 6:14:08 PM12/4/20
to kubernetes-sig-docs
That is pretty good from my perspective! It is long, with a lot of concepts in there, but all pretty durable.  I don't expect most of us foresee the foundation of Git will change too much in the foreseeable future :). A lot of value would be added with links to additional resources, links in both the YouTube page and a page it is embedded in. Also, all the typed commands.

Can you tell us what you used to produce it? Ideally these are documented well enough that someone else can make them as well.

Cline, Geoffrey

Dec 7, 2020, 12:37:33 PM12/7/20
to Joel Barker, kubernetes-sig-docs

That’s a great point on youtube links to additional resources.


Here is a quick outline of what I used

  • PowerPoint obviously (will share in open format)
  • OBS software for recording multiple screens and webcam at once (free, open)
  • Adobe Premiere (expensive, closed)
    • Use multicam editing to switch between PowerPoint and SSH
    • Add layer of webcam, with ultrakey green screen effect added


I’m going to (eventually) type up a blog post with how I did this. I’ll further include a S3 link to the ~5GB premiere project which includes all the raw resources. I’m also looking at exporting the premiere project to an open format, but it looks like the open format is very basic, and would lose the green screen filter data.


Thanks again,



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Joel Barker

Dec 7, 2020, 12:37:37 PM12/7/20
to Cline, Geoffrey, kubernetes-sig-docs
I wonder if picture-in-picture would have equivalent learning value but be easier to reproduce and maintain.

Joel Barker
Founder & Creative Director
Lion's Way


Jan 25, 2021, 9:26:45 PM1/25/21
to kubernetes-sig-docs
Great video! Very clear!
As a super newbie on starting to contribute w the the K8S docs.
The only thing that I've missed on the content is regarding the branches., which one to use. - Specially those ones translating to other languages.
I felt sometimes the workflow rules can be a bit trickier than git itself.

Kind regards!
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