[ANNOUNCE] Security release of kube-state-metrics v1.7.2

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Security release of kube-state-metrics v1.7.2
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Hello Kubernetes Community-

A security issue was discovered in the v1.7.0 and v1.7.1 versions of kube-state-metrics [1]. The issue is of Medium severity level and upgrading to the latest release v1.7.2 [2] of kube-state-metrics is highly encouraged to fix this issue, as well as deleting the time-series data that could potentially disclose secret information.

Am I vulnerable?

If you are using the kube-state-metrics versions v1.7.0 or v1.7.1, you are running a vulnerable version. To find out which version you are running, you can verify the image tag of your kube-state-metrics deployment.
The following commands should give you the deployed image tag. (Please note that this may vary depending on which namespace kube-state-metrics is deployed in and the deployment name itself):

kubectl get deployment -n kube-system kube-state-metrics -o yaml | grep image:

How do I mitigate the vulnerability?

Update the image of kube-state-metrics to `quay.io/coreos/kube-state-metrics:v1.7.2`.

If you are unable to upgrade to the latest version of kube-state-metrics, you can filter out all of the annotation metrics by passing the following flag to `kube-state-metrics`:


Make sure to delete all the time series data from Prometheus as well, below is an example command. (Note that this will only work from Prometheus v2.1 onward. More details on time series data deletion can be found in the Prometheus docs [3])

# This command deletes all of the annotation metrics emitted by kube-state-metrics
curl -X POST -g 'http://localhost:9090/api/v1/admin/tsdb/delete_series?match[]={__name__=~"kube_.+_annotations"}'

This requires the Admin APIs to be enabled. Start Prometheus with the `--web.enable-admin-api` flag to do so.
Please remember that the delete API only marks the time-series data for deletion. The actual removal happens during the next compaction process. To trigger this, the clean tombstones API can be used:

curl -X POST http://localhost:9090/api/v1/admin/tsdb/clean_tombstones

Vulnerability Details

An experimental feature was added to the v1.7.0 release that enabled annotations to be exposed as metrics. By default, the kube-state-metrics metrics only expose metadata about Secrets. However, a combination of the default `kubectl` behavior and this new feature can cause the entire secret content to end up in metric labels thus inadvertently exposing the secret content in metrics.

We are not aware of other annotations that disclose information in the same way, but as a precaution we have reverted the feature and will think more thoroughly about the implications should we ever introduce something like it again.

This feature has been reverted and released as the v1.7.2 release. If you are running the v1.7.0 or v1.7.1 release, please upgrade to the v1.7.2 release as soon as possible.

Thank you to Moritz S. for reporting this issue! Also thank you to Tariq Ibrahim, Frederic Branczyk and Lili Cosic for the coordination in making the fix and release.

Thank you for your understanding,
kube-state-metrics maintainers

[1] https://github.com/kubernetes/kube-state-metrics
[2] https://github.com/kubernetes/kube-state-metrics/releases/tag/v1.7.2
[3] https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/querying/api/#delete-series

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