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Brandon Philips

Jul 9, 2019, 4:04:30 PM7/9/19
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This isn't a Kubernetes issue but given the wide use of Zoom in the Kubernetes community I want to ensure as many people see this Zoom issue as possible.

Thank You,

Brandon on behalf of the Kubernetes Security Committee

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Subject: [k8s security] [URGENT] Security Advisory for Zoom on macOS
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TL;DR: If you run Zoom on macOS, you need to review this entire e-mail to understand potential security risks to your system and privacy.

Please feel free to forward this advisory as necessary.


It was publicly announced yesterday by a security researcher that there are vulnerabilities and insecure default settings in the Zoom web conferencing client for macOS.

1. Persistent local web server

A process called the “ZoomOpener” is installed with Zoom, and runs as a persistent local web server on your system. This web server allows you to join meetings when you click a zoom link (e.g. https: //zoom.us/j/123456789).

This process had some flaws that were fixed, but you can still be forced to join a meeting without confirmation by a malicious website that embeds an iframe. 

This web server persists if you uninstall the Zoom client, and will re-download, install, and launch the Zoom client if you visit a zoom.us link like the above example.

The only current workaround is disabling and removing this web server, followed by clearing your browser cache.

A complete set of commands to run is available here: https://gist.github.com/cblecker/8af229ff143512529544a945b4e43f72

2. Auto-joining calls with video/audio enabled

By default, the Zoom client permitted the host of a meeting to force participants to join a meeting with their video/audio enabled immediately. This, paired with the previous security flaw meant a malicious user could via a maliciously crafted webpage, force a user to join a zoom meeting with video and audio instantly enabled.

To ensure that your Zoom client doesn’t auto join calls with audio/video enabled, please ensure the following two checkboxes are checked, and that you are running the latest Zoom client:

Contributor Experience continues to monitor the situation and will provide more information if and when it becomes available. 

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our community safe and secure.

- Christoph (on behalf of Kubernetes SIG Contributor Experience)

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