Reminder: v1beta1 versions going away in 1.22: CRD and AdmissionWebhookConfiguration

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David Eads

Feb 3, 2021, 8:58:18 AM2/3/21
to Kubernetes Dev,, K8s API Machinery SIG,

The v1beta1 version of CustomResourceDefinition, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and ValidatingWebhookConfiguration are being removed in 1.22 after six releases of deprecation.  In 1.22, the kube-apiserver will no longer serve the v1beta1 version of these resources and the only way to access them will be through the v1 APIs, available since 1.16.

We’re sending this note as an extra reminder, because these are important extensibility APIs, and even though there has been ample warning, it is in keeping with our deprecation policy, and the (better) v1 APIs have been available since 1.16, we don’t want anyone to be surprised.

  1. All supported versions of kubernetes have the CRD, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and ValidatingWebhookConfiguration  v1 APIs.

  2. The PRs promoting the APIs to v1 included a deprecation notice.

  3. Since 1.19, every request has returned a deprecation warning to the client.

  4. Also since 1.19, the deprecation metrics have been set.

  5. CustomResource defaulting requires CRD v1.

Given the above, we think that clients who have not yet switched to the v1 version of these APIs are unlikely to switch no matter how much additional time they are given. (But please recommend additional forums for announcing this if you can think of a way of reaching more people!)


If this is the first you’ve heard of this and you haven’t moved to the v1 versions of these APIs yet, a summary of the changes can be found in the 1.16 release notes and CRD structural schemas documentation.


Thank you,

  David Eads on behalf of the Kubernetes SIG API Machinery leads

Devdatta Kulkarni

Feb 3, 2021, 12:22:00 PM2/3/21
to David Eads, Kubernetes Dev,, K8s API Machinery SIG,
Hi David,

Thanks for the heads up.

Could you please share the date for 1.22 release? I was not able to find it through initial quick searches on the Internet. Also, is there a community page where all the upcoming release dates are tracked?


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Subject: [k8s API machinery] Reminder: v1beta1 versions going away in 1.22: CRD and AdmissionWebhookConfiguration
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David Eads

Feb 3, 2021, 1:07:59 PM2/3/21
to Devdatta Kulkarni, Kubernetes Dev,, K8s API Machinery SIG,
Exact dates for the next release have not historically been determined until near the end of the prior release.  1.21 is currently estimated to be April 15, if we follow the same pattern, 1.22 will be released in July.  But that is an estimate, not a promise.
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