[Announce] Code of Conduct Committee Nominations Open!

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Kubernetes Contributors

Aug 6, 2021, 7:30:00 PM8/6/21
to kuberne...@googlegroups.com, steering
Kubernetes Community,

We are pleased to announce that the nomination period for two Code of Conduct Committee members with a passion for serving the community is now open. There are 
2 seats[1] that open for a 2 year term from August 13, 2021 to August 13, 2023. We’d like to take a moment to thank Aeva Black and Tasha Drew for their service by laying this groundwork for us, upholding our values, and serving the community in this capacity. 

Election and Nomination Information:
Please refer to the Code of Conduct Committee charter[2] along with the bootstrapping documents[3]  to learn more about how the committee functions.
All nominations must be submitted via this form[4]  and nominees must meet the eligibility for candidacy[5] guidelines. Self-nominations are accepted. 

Important dates in this process:Aug 6 - Nominations open
Aug 13 - Nominations close + Steering to hold election
New members will be notified and inducted ASAP after the election votes are in

Paris Pittman

Aug 11, 2021, 6:10:23 PM8/11/21
to Kubernetes Contributors, Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion, steering
Friendly bump up

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Paris Pittman

Aug 13, 2021, 11:38:34 AM8/13/21
to Paris Pittman, Kubernetes Contributors, Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion, steering
Steering is voting in ~2 hours from this time stamp. Final call for nominations. 

Special thank you to those who have nominated others and self-nominated so far; results to follow the vote. 


Aug 13, 2021, 11:50:04 AM8/13/21
to Paris Pittman, Kubernetes Contributors, Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion, steering

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Aug 16, 2021, 7:59:50 PM8/16/21
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tl;dr status: we are currently in a run off voting process for the second seat, pending one more Steering Committee member vote. Results very soon!

Thanks to the ELEVEN (11!) nominees for your patience and interest in playing a part in this important committee!
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