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May 19, 2021, 7:03:32 PMMay 19
to Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion

Hi All,

The Policy WG is nominating Jim Bugwadia and Robert Ficcaglia to be co-chairs of wg-policy. Jim has been a critical part of this WG for over a year, and has led several of its efforts, including the PolicyReport CRD, and Robert was previously named co-chair by the original (and technically current chairs - see below) and has been active presenting the WG efforts to both Kubernetes sig-security and CNCF TAG Security as well as to various CNCF projects (e.g. OPA, Falco, Cloud Custodian)

This is a somewhat corner case in that the current chairs as documented in the repo are no longer active in the community, and we have been unable to reach them to create necessary PRs or post this sort of nomination request.

As such I have created PR:


which details all the history and related PRs.

This was all discussed in the WG call 5/12 with the community and with @cblecker as process advisor. Thanks to all who attended and/or commented afterwards!

We'll use lazy consensus protocol for this nomination, feel free to +1 and/or raise concerns. If no blocking concerns have been raised in the next week, we'll consider the nomination(s) approved and request the PR to be approved and merged.

If you wish to raise any concerns privately, you can contact the Kubernetes Steering Committee at steering...@kubernetes.io.

Robert (thanks to Jim and Chris for review and feedback!)

Shuting Zhao

May 20, 2021, 6:40:56 AMMay 20
to rficc...@gmail.com, Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion
+1 for Jim! (@realshuting / Nirmata)

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