[URGENT] Kubernetes 1.23 Code Freeze Starts Tomorrow, November 16, 2021at 18:00 PST

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Rey Lejano

Nov 15, 2021, 2:25:33 PM11/15/21
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Hi Kubernauts,

Tomorrow on Tuesday, November 16th, Code Freeze comes into effect at 18:00 Pacific Time.

All code PRs related to enhancements tracked in the tracking sheet need to be approved by Code Freeze. After Code Freeze comes into effect, the Enhancements Team will start removing enhancements from the milestone. Post that, you would need to file an exception to keep your enhancement/s in the 1.23 release. Please keep in mind that after Code Freeze, only release-blocking issues and PRs will be allowed back into the milestone. 

60 Enhancements have opted-in to the release. At the time of writing this email, 37 of the enhancements are either code complete or on track for completion, 23 of them are tagged 'At Risk' due to their tentative status of completion by Code Freeze and 12 enhancements have opted out of the release. You can check the status of enhancements in the tracking sheet. The Enhancements Team is actively tracking open issues and PRs. We appreciate it if you could reply to any open questions the team has asked on your issue / PRs.

Here are some measures to ensure that your enhancements get accepted into the release:

  • Milestone issues/PRs with v1.23 that absolutely must land in v1.23

  • Remove issues/PRs from the v1.23 milestone if it doesn't need to land for v1.23

  • Please use /retest judiciously on “non-critical” PRs

For applying/removing milestones, please refer to the milestone-maintainers GitHub group who has the privileges to perform actions on milestones.
Note: For PRs related to the implementation of features, the respective enhancement must have been already accepted into the milestone.

The deadline for opening a documentation placeholder PR to k/website is two days after Code Freeze - November 18th

If your enhancement needs updated or new documentation, all enhancement owners are requested to ensure the creation of a doc placeholder PR by November 18th.

In case you have any concerns, please feel free to reply to this email or reach out to me or any of the Release Team Lead Shadows or the Release Enhancements Team on #sig-release of Kubernetes Slack.

Thank you,

Rey Lejano,

On behalf of the 1.23 Release Team
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