[ANNOUNCE] 1.22 Call for Enhancements

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James Laverack

Apr 26, 2021, 1:56:55 PMApr 26
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Hi Kubernetes community!

The 1.22 release cycle has now begun and we are collecting enhancement information.
The Short Version
SIG leads must opt-in enhancements for Kubernetes 1.22 by entering KEP information into the enhancements tracking sheet.

Changes From 1.21:
  • Enhancements freeze is earlier than previous releases at 23:59:59 PST on Thursday 13th May. Including today that is 14 working days.
  • When entering your enhancements into the spreadsheet, please indicate if docs are required in the "Needs Docs?" column.
Actions Required:
  • If you are a SIG Lead, discuss in your SIG which enchantments you will be proposing for the release, and enter them into the tracking spreadsheet.
  • If you are an enhancement author, remind your SIG that they must opt-in your enhancement. Your KEP must be merged and complete by enhancements freeze.
The Long Version
All enhancements that are intended for inclusion in Kubernetes 1.22 must be tracked by the release team. Kubernetes SIGs that wish to include enhancements must "opt-in" by entering details on the enhancements tracking sheet.
SIG leads should add information to the "KEP Collection" tab, entering:
  • The GitHub Issue number from k/enhancements
  • The enhancement's name
  • The enhancement's assignee
  • The owning SIG
  • If docs will be required or not
  • A link to the KEP (if merged) or KEP pull request (if unmerged)
All enhancements must have a KEP merged and meet the review requirements before enhancements freeze on 23:59:59 PST Tuesday 13th May. Enhancements missing this deadline will be removed from the release, unless an exception is filed, during the following day.

Enhancement authors should ensure that their enhancements meet the requirements, including:
  • Have a GitHub Issue in the k/enhancements GitHub repository.
  • Has a merged KEP in k/enhancements GitHub repository that:
    • Is marked as "implementable"
    • Has a documented design
    • Has a test plan
    • Has graduation criteria
    • Has an approved production readiness review
Other Information
  • Cycle Start — Monday 26th April (today!)
  • Enhancements Freeze — 23:59:59 PST on Thursday 13th May
  • Code Freeze — Thursday 8th July
  • Test Freeze — Thursday 15th July
  • Release — Wednesday 4th August
Enhancements tracking sheethttps://bit.ly/k8s122-enhancements
Slack channels#sig-release, #enhancements

If you have any questions, please do reach out! The process might seem complex but we're here to help.


James Laverack, 1.22 Enhancements Lead
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