CI Signal Report for Week Starting 13/1.22

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Jul 19, 2021, 10:35:00 AMJul 19
to Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion
Hello k/dev,

we are slowly approaching the release of 1.22. The rc.0 will be cut soon.
Please have a look at the currently open flakes. A full overview you will find here:

Questions or feedback? Just reply to this email or come over to #sig-release or #relase-ci-signal.

🤔 New/Not Yet Started

SIG Storage

#103651  [sig-storage] subPath should unmount if pod is deleted while kubelet is down (ci-kubernetes-e2e-gci-gce-serial)

SIG Cloud-Provider

#100230 [Flaky Test] [sig-cloud-provider-gcp] Nodes [Disruptive] Resize [Slow] should be able to delete nodes

#103742 [Flaking Test] restarting konnectivity-agent (ci-kubernetes-e2e-gci-gce-scalability)

✈️In flight

SIG Cloud-Provider

#102904 "dial timeout" flakes in e2e tests with konnectivity proxy enabled

SIG Network

#93740 [Flaky Test][sig-network] Loadbalancing: L7 GCE [Slow] [Feature:Ingress] should conform to Ingress spec

SIG Windows

#101906 [Flaking Test] [sig-node] ConfigMap should be consumable via the environment

SIG Release

#1693 container image pushes should precede staging GCS artifacts and writing version markers

SIG Api-Machinery

#100112 [flaky test]

#100760 [Flaking-test] Kubernetes e2e suite.[sig-api-machinery] AdmissionWebhook [Privileged:ClusterAdmin] listing validating webhooks should work [Conformance]

SIG Node

#103688  [sig-node] ci-kubernetes-e2e-gce-scale-correctness

#100788  [sig-node][NodeConformance]  when querying /stats/summary should report resource usage through the stats api

#99979 [flaky test]: [sig-node] Probing container should be ready immediately after startupProbe succeeds

#99437 [Flake][sig-node] Pods should run through the lifecycle of Pods and PodStatus

SIG Storage

#102865  [sig-storage] ci-kubernetes-e2e-gci-gce-serial

#97071 [Flaky test] [sig-storage] In-tree Volumes [Driver: gcepd] [Testpattern: Pre-provisioned PV (xfs)][Slow] volumes should store data

#95226 [Flaky Test] [sig-storage] Downward API volume should provide container's memory limit [NodeConformance] [Conformance]


#103708 [Flaking Test] metrics-server not starting in BeforeSuite (ci-kubernetes-e2e-ubuntu-gce)

SIG Apps

#100314 [Flaky Test] Kubernetes e2e suite: [sig-apps] Deployment iterative rollouts should eventually progress

#98180 [Flaky Test] [sig-apps] Deployment should run the lifecycle of a Deployment

⛔️ Failures in Master-Blocking

    18 jobs total

    12 are passing

    6 are flaking

    0 are failing

    0 are stale

💡Failures in Master-Informing

    23 jobs total

    12 are passing

    7 are flaking

    4 are failing

    0 are stale

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