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Erick Fejta

Aug 18, 2020, 5:43:26 PM8/18/20
to kubernetes-sig-testing
Hello kubernetes contributors!

Try out testgrid's new open source, golang result state by appending &grid=beta to your tab's URL fragment (example).

By default the data you see at is updated by some python code inside Google. We are in the process of replacing this updater with some golang code that is open source and runs on kubernetes.

You can see how this will look on your favorite tabs by appending &grid=beta to the tab's URL fragment. For example:
Force the page to load the python version by appending &grid=old instead:
By default we continue to show grid=old. In the future, once we believe we have found and addressed any issues, we plan to change the default to grid=beta.

There are minor differences between the two views, for example the new data indicates if a failing cell has a message by putting an F inside it, etc.

See any problems and/or otherwise have feedback? Please update this issue and/or send us a PR.


Erick Fejta

Aug 31, 2020, 6:00:19 PM8/31/20
to kubernetes-sig-testing
After next Monday &grid=beta will become the default view for This should be mostly a noop (some minor cosmetic changes).

Preview what this will look like today by adding &grid=beta to your tab's URL fragment (example).

Notice any problems?
  • Add &grid=old to the url fragment to restore the old view (example)
  • Please update this issue explaining the problem (or file a PR that fixes it).


Erick Fejta

Jan 14, 2021, 2:41:46 PMJan 14
to kubernetes-sig-testing
Next monday (Jan 18) we intend to turn down these legacy testgrid components. This means that:
  • &grid=beta becomes the only view (currently default).
  • &grid=old stops working.
    • Please update any bookmarks containing this fragment

Notice any issues? Please file an issue at the testgrid repo.

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