[RFC] Rename of kubernetes-dev slack channel

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Bob Killen

Jan 15, 2021, 8:50:01 AMJan 15
to Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion
Hey there all,

- #kubernetes-dev has largely not been used by contributors, and has been off-topic
- Attempts from slack admins to moderate and keep it on topic have required a high level of effort and it hasn't really boosted the contributor communication in channel
- Slack admins would like to rename the channel to something like #contributor-discussions to direct people to the correct channel

The #kubernetes-dev Slack channel is intended to be a channel where we can have general discussion about the upstream project, the Slack equivalent of this mailing list. Instead, it has largely become another #kubernetes-users or #kubernetes-novice with people popping in thinking the channel is for ANY "kubernetes development" questions.

This has, frankly, led many contributors to just mute and ignore the channel. 

The Slack admins have tried to moderate[1] it to keep it on-topic, but it's proven to be a large frustration without seeing much of a benefit. 

At this time, the Slack admins believe the best course of action is to rename the channel to something like #contributor-discussions to help direct people to the right channel.

With that, what are your thoughts? Would you use the "kubernetes-dev" slack channel again if it could be more focused?

- Bob, on behalf of the Slack admins and SIG ContribEx

Bob Killen

Jan 20, 2021, 12:49:43 PMJan 20
to Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion
To follow up, we will move forward with changing the name to "#kubernetes-contributors" pending lazy consensus.

 The lazy consensus date for this is Friday (2020-01-22) at 5pm PT

If there are any other comments or concerns, please bring them up here or reach out to myself or one of the other slack admins.

- Thanks!

- Bob
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