Announcement: Resource Management Workgroup (SIG-NODE / SIG-SCHEDULING)

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Nov 30, 2016, 1:18:31 PM11/30/16
to Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion

There has been an increasing amount of discussion about compute resource management topics across the SIG-NODE and SIG-SCHEDULING communities.

In an effort to consolidate this discussion, we have agreed to form a temporary working group to define a compute resource management plan for 2017.

The working group will have the following goals:

1. Identify remaining work for roll-out/completion of existing features we have in-flight
2. Enumerate additional features for compute resource management we would like to tackle in upcoming year
3. Define a plan to enable node-level isolation of a resource via an extension to the kubelet

If you are interested in joining our discussions, please see the topic here on meeting and agenda:!topic/kubernetes-sig-node/BuAp-8-8-Ik

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