1.22 Enhancements Freeze in Effect / Upcoming Key Dates

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James Laverack

May 14, 2021, 5:14:29 AM5/14/21
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Hi Kubernetes community.

As of 23:59:59 PDT last night Thursday 13th May enhancements freeze has begun for Kubernetes 1.22.

The enhancements team is currently tracking 63 enhancements for 1.22. We had a total of 80 enhancements opt-in for the release, 6 were withdrawn before the freeze, and 11 were removed at the freeze for missing KEP requirements.


With the freeze in effect, SIG leads no longer have write access to the tracking sheet. Any enhancements that wish to join the release now must have an approved exception. If you plan to submit an exception request, please submit it as soon as possible.

Next Steps

For enhancement authors, if your enhancement is tracked for 1.22 please continue to link all k/k and k/website pull requests to your k/enhancements issue for visibility.

The upcoming key dates are:
  • 23:59 PDT on Monday 28th June: Feature blog opt-in deadline
  • 18:00 PDT on Thursday 8th July: Code Freeze
  • Friday 9th July: Docs placeholder PR deadline
  • Wednesday 4th August: Kubernetes v1.22.0 released
See the published schedule for full details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in #sig-release on Slack.

James Laverack, 1.22 Enhancements Lead
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