[ANNOUNCE] 1.21 Call for Enhancements

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Anna Jung

Jan 13, 2021, 12:36:25 AM1/13/21
to Kubernetes developer/contributor discussion

Hi Kubernetes community and SIG Leads!

The 1.21 Release cycle has kicked off and that means it’s time for Enhancements collection. 

With the SIG Release 2021 Teaser sent out last week, you were notified of upcoming changes to the Enhancement collection process. If you’re planning on submitting an Enhancement for the 1.21 release, please read for details on the changes and actions required by YOU.


If you’re planning on submitting an Enhancement for the 1.21 release, you must opt-in to the release by letting the release team know which issues need to be tracked by entering KEP information into the Enhancements tracking sheet.

The new “opt-in” process

The Enhancement team will no longer start the release by tracking all open issues in the Enhancement repo. Instead, each SIG will be required to communicate to the Enhancement team which Enhancements should be tracked for the upcoming release. Therefore, opting into the release.

To opt-in, SIG leads must enter all KEPs to be targeted for the 1.21 release into Kubernetes 1.21 Enhancement Tracking Sheet in the “KEP Collection” tab. Once entered, the Enhancement team will track those KEPs. Please ensure that all KEPs are ready for the release by making sure that they have met the following criteria by Enhancements Freeze, Feb. 9th: 

  • Merged in an implementable state

  • Have test plans

  • Have graduation criteria

  • Have an open issue in the release milestone

  • Have Production Readiness Review [*] 

Once the Enhancement Freeze has passed, SIG Leads will no longer have access to edit the tracking sheet. If a KEP misses the deadline, an exception must be requested.

[*]: Production Readiness Review (PRR) to be required in 1.21, pending review and approval of enforcement criteria, which will be proposed in a follow-up by the PRR subproject.

What actions are required?

If you identify yourself as a SIG Lead, start gathering a list of the Enhancements sponsored by the SIG for the 1.21 release and enter them into the tracking sheet as discussed above. The Enhancement collection can be done by proactively calling out for Enhancements in the next meeting or by SIG’s mailing list.

If you identify as a KEP author, start discussing your topic with the sponsoring SIG(s) to get your Enhancement entered into the tracking sheet. This can be done by proactively reaching out to SIGs via meetings, mailing lists, and slack.

Key DatesResources

If you have any questions, please reach out to Enhancement team at #enhancements or Release Team at #sig-release


Anna Jung, 1.21 Enhancements Lead

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