Contributor Celebration starts tomorrow through Saturday!

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Dec 15, 2021, 6:02:35 PM12/15/21
Hey there folks,



- Event Site:
- Register here
- Event is on discord and not slack - instructions[3]
- Schedule is live with additional events[4]
- Bake Off replaced with Cloud Native Community Cookbook event [details below]

More details:
We are excited to hang out with everyone this weekend to play games and meet new folks. Don't forget to join us for the awards ceremony on Friday (12pm PT/8pm GMT) and congratulate the recipients!

Bake Off remodeled:
The Cloud Native BakeOff has been replaced with the Cloud Native Community Cookbook session and scheduled for Friday. You'll get to see and talk with members of our New Zealand crew as they work through some of the cookbook recipes in their new cloud native lab.

It's happening! Join fellow Kubernetes contributors in fun show and tell + crafting sessions. Check the schedule for all related sessions.

Kubernetes RPG?!:
Yes! More details on the schedule but no tabletop roleplaying experience required, PG-13 content, and 2 hour timebox. You will need access to voice and 2 d10 die (or use the dice widget on Google search). [Sign up here] for Thursday or Friday sessions.

See you soon!
Contributor Celebration Team 

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