Steering Committee Nomination: Tasha Drew

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Tasha Drew

Oct 5, 2021, 4:54:07 PMOct 5
Hi all!

I'd like to nominate myself for the Steering Committee for the 2021 election!

I've been around the Kubernetes community for five-ish years now, starting off working with the fine folks in SIG-Apps as I tried to understand how application lifecycle management would be handled in this brave new world when I was working on, and then migrating over to WG-Multitenancy (and eventually becoming the co-chair) when I started thinking about Supervisor and Kubernetes lifecycle management when I began working on Project Pacific at VMware. Since then I also became a co-chair and worked to build up SIG-Usability so we have a place where user research and user experience can be elevated to a top level upstream concern in a way that's never been done in upstream before. I was also on the Code of Conduct Committee for two years, and it gave me unique insight into the health and resiliency of our community. I'd like to continue helping our community grow and evolve as the technology continues to become an underpinning of so many modern platforms.

I think we're at our best when we're working to enable ourselves and our new community members to share their ideas, excitement, and potential. I'd love to help continue the excellent work that's already been done to make this a resilient, friendly, professional community. I'd bring a good perspective from a number of different groups within the community, and consumers of the technology, and I think I'd be a good addition to the SteerCo team! I also have a bunch of ideas about how to make it easier for people to become contributing members of the community I'd love to have the opportunity to drive.

Cheers, Tasha
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