Deprecation of intree GlusterFS and CephFS plugins

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Humble Chirammal

Jun 11, 2021, 12:12:02 AMJun 11

Hey Team,

We would like to start a discussion on what the community thinks about deprecation of intree Ceph and GlusterFS drivers without the migration path from intree drivers to CSI volumes.  As we all know, there is an effort in the kubernetes community to remove in-tree storage plugins to reduce external dependencies and security concerns in the core Kubernetes. CSI plugin has been the dominant and proper way to go. Thus, we are in a process to gradually deprecate all the in-tree external storage plugins and eventually remove them from the core Kubernetes codebase.

We do have CSI version of Ceph drivers available for long time ( with many active users on.
Eventhough GlusterFS CSI driver exist (, the project is unmaintained/marked for deprecation.

Before we go ahead with the deprecation of these plugins in upcoming Kube releases, we would like to get your opinion on and check, is there enough interest from the community for supporting the migration path.
You can also mark your thoughts on the below migration trackers and discuss further:

Gluster Migration Tracker:
Ceph Migration Tracker   :

If you are a Ceph or GlusterFS intree driver user/developer/..., please share your view on this which can help us to take the final call.

Other Refereces#
Kubernetes deprecation policy #
RBD migration POC PR #

Best Regards,

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