Kubernetes v1.30.0-alpha.3 is live!

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Mark Rossetti

Feb 28, 2024, 12:48:15 AMFeb 28
to kubernetes-announce, d...@kubernetes.io
Kubernetes Community,

Kubernetes v1.30.0-alpha.3 has been built and pushed using Golang version 1.22.0.

The release notes have been updated in CHANGELOG-1.30.md, with a pointer to them on GitHub:


Downloads for v1.30.0-alpha.3

Source Code

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes.tar.gz adbf45f5a9c6efb135c8632e330e24e46b3ae8179372e96fbc5a016bbe089c629ee86683bdd13254a78c5f37c8576cf2364bca19961087f47c4d11a8605b7a92
kubernetes-src.tar.gz d1bbeed0aca09cc6df72de4e11bd4f6869a422b947604e2a7fc32cc23f01d8a822719486f0f039ef554012e0896faf6738471412296dea069615fd48be611cda

Client Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-client-darwin-amd64.tar.gz b1aeb5eb6480832c8ef899d7f4a7fd679d317d8704a925b426d97e49022bd4dd7bc661c530f46720d62669b0b6a0be9a94144545852108cb3062eedfd32b70d0
kubernetes-client-darwin-arm64.tar.gz 13c34d52999172a3b73d3e4eba4029c686a8a6d3a0fa16e81d2fa1b3a9d6f7bdb37de9495fb09f783d8edfea8302e648f71d37b131826c89715baa068d555a16
kubernetes-client-linux-386.tar.gz 5465059af2ecf092d71d30bd5021e175590bc802c2796c366cf1eedb26fb9927f8bd637784a672242aa351a519ff807126953d6c3b940464d72bb1e46b9fbb43
kubernetes-client-linux-amd64.tar.gz f00211e115ed1d42fc5794bbdd2f2cf9d78ab28844cf9f3b0d5abe4dcdaedca8ce66fb8045ce8688e05fd9e7b9488fcc40d9a691fc4a529cbeb7909868a092bb
kubernetes-client-linux-arm.tar.gz 1bf579ba6aa68fd2ec6f539a69771c933f1df8c21f3d798d130ea6fa13a4d36919926c4212ff4f67cbc2941099720f2924ae8f5f7feab21f669cbef16a082318
kubernetes-client-linux-arm64.tar.gz 90da779e19ccdd95673b830c9434e316d7ddd676675ce403fd4858e22e1c5afe3103a6f28c45370ff8847b62a689f279310fb390b3f9140aa77987d437ef44e2
kubernetes-client-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz 4ecf1e5c8520c4370ad0bbf22ba3d54209224bae573836659fd0c0eca43991700bdcac609baea792a9957b497da9c20d8afa8c5152d8a2e272cca5a93a1f0e95
kubernetes-client-linux-s390x.tar.gz 174beb0691ccfef8f0ba8fcbc2d7bda9015321b69d38e5ccd87fa0609070d8e194af435f372c76e2b65971bc2c58a053e3c5a97bca29d703305cd125e4ae7f7e
kubernetes-client-windows-386.tar.gz 4815aa9032e2d3d3b7a25bd1c07353ded15eda073a31b3894463e47cde0a9197324947f56f239faa671cf95caeb9c6dd377d38b4672a819f9ef781ca4b64ef18
kubernetes-client-windows-amd64.tar.gz 40fd08d6827eb182f79cefc80cc31f661aa2800e5a5cdc778f16b30a7f583ff3ee266bef04e042f598fdce34c899e5acba75ea4c5ecd84651215646bbbc15285
kubernetes-client-windows-arm64.tar.gz 24367addf42cc786aa3b39b51d344df65aa92fc0a4270faa9d733301ecd757d16120c70a54fd8a2d17bbff4c85ed7ff623ed2ece6e6f9a436637aba743b99aa7

Server Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-server-linux-amd64.tar.gz 18bfcd3615789df2361f6acbff9a1407d5891168710264334bc60f8fbbe04dd26d88c96d02f744d2280e91dc550f0df24cd021602dcba2ae28204b1dcf723a1f
kubernetes-server-linux-arm64.tar.gz 3a31aa6b074bb8ebc7fc0200a7c7821931108a572503ff2995460e28d581b3cf7beaa4407232ee22a4a52afc63f40ac549809254693289b12ddd66893f4ab2fe
kubernetes-server-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz ae0602c5aa2565ef2b8afb10d28088be41c1802ed537c1d33a6a2fdba6f5c0e9ca2af8597a64a9c7244a7d2b4d75e0829eeca68f88e2de669f6a6ee7c52897ba
kubernetes-server-linux-s390x.tar.gz ea3466f44bdfb250cff319f4ddf854402bc25492548b290a64b5b4e0b027dbed9e17b04ae03b2ae14cb5e30d31447d19219951dde0f2de03255ab1f6a1c3a531

Node Binaries

filename sha512 hash
kubernetes-node-linux-amd64.tar.gz 378c42d0640a1b845af7bb46224a19b5451452ce6ee7c4dfdb7e912f3248ec6be35c1679cc78202c548ad91b345d2ce470407db39d50dbb0cd0518a526e4429c
kubernetes-node-linux-arm64.tar.gz a5ec415b0c3fbf3003f354fcf913a9851105963e5ba38c68bdebd8427eabb3f2a1598bc2688133f2ad84229218ebe18171e4a123827b9ffcb94436f69bfb43ff
kubernetes-node-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz 8d9b49c3375a1dbfa24fdc46397f929b2f029a94af9cbe36387a8b22ad80f65711d10df2c5327f25cb4e4c3f91135c2f07b8726198fd8ecf1ee8aef005d2531c
kubernetes-node-linux-s390x.tar.gz 99ded87a16331941cd56076cd50892446b40f09771d938552aeb9d858677bc4564472ac470273b681841c2f061836588813eb6e1065322a9ee9c72f3dfb7d58e
kubernetes-node-windows-amd64.tar.gz 5e9b2b95b4751c125cb3e5182ed2095829af968be3d1e9899f31febb8eaf6dd0b037e8fac48bd51a9100c1f1e90829299c117abc23e40fc66c7d709b83d1222d

Container Images

All container images are available as manifest lists and support the described architectures. It is also possible to pull a specific architecture directly by adding the "-$ARCH" suffix to the container image name.

name architectures
registry.k8s.io/conformance:v1.30.0-alpha.3 amd64arm64ppc64les390x
registry.k8s.io/kube-apiserver:v1.30.0-alpha.3 amd64arm64ppc64les390x
registry.k8s.io/kube-controller-manager:v1.30.0-alpha.3 amd64arm64ppc64les390x
registry.k8s.io/kube-proxy:v1.30.0-alpha.3 amd64arm64ppc64les390x
registry.k8s.io/kube-scheduler:v1.30.0-alpha.3 amd64arm64ppc64les390x
registry.k8s.io/kubectl:v1.30.0-alpha.3 amd64arm64ppc64les390x

Changelog since v1.30.0-alpha.2

Changes by Kind

API Change

  • Added a CBOR implementation of runtime.Serializer. Until CBOR graduates to Alpha, API servers will refuse to start if configured with CBOR support. (#122881, @benluddy) [SIG API Machinery]

  • Added audienceMatchPolicy field to AuthenticationConfiguration and support for configuring multiple audiences.

    • The "audienceMatchPolicy" can be empty (or unset) when a single audience is specified in the "audiences" field.
    • The "audienceMatchPolicy" must be set to "MatchAny" when multiple audiences are specified in the "audiences" field. (#123165, @aramase) [SIG API Machinery, Auth and Testing]
  • Contextual logging is now beta and enabled by default. (#122589, @pohly) [SIG Instrumentation]

  • Cri-api: KEP-3857: Recursive Read-only (RRO) mounts (#123272, @AkihiroSuda) [SIG Node]

  • Enabled a mechanism for concurrent log rotatation via kubelet using a configuration entity of containerLogMaxWorkers which controls the maximum number of concurrent rotation that can be performed and an interval configuration of containerLogMonitorInterval that can aid is configuring the monitoring duration to best suite your cluster's log generation standards. (#114301, @harshanarayana) [SIG API Machinery, Node and Testing]

  • Text logging in Kubernetes components now uses textlogger. The same split streams of info and error log entries with buffering of info entries is now also supported for text output (off by default, alpha feature). Previously, this was only supported for JSON. Performance is better also without split streams. (#114672, @pohly) [SIG API Machinery, Architecture, Auth, CLI, Cloud Provider, Cluster Lifecycle, Instrumentation, Network, Node, Storage and Testing]

  • This change adds the following CLI option for kube-controller-manager:


  • A new kubelet metric image_pull_duration_seconds is added. The metric tracks the duration (in seconds) it takes for an image to be pulled, including the time spent in the waiting queue of image puller. The metric is broken down by bucketed image size. (#121719, @ruiwen-zhao) [SIG Instrumentation and Node]
  • A new metric lifecycle_handler_sleep_terminated_total is added to record how many times LifecycleHandler sleep got unexpectedly terminated. (#122456, @AxeZhan) [SIG Node and Testing]
  • Add "reason" field to image_garbage_collected_total metric, so admins can differentiate images that were collected for reason "age" vs "space" (#123345, @haircommander) [SIG Node]
  • Add feature gate MutatingAdmissionPolicy for enabling mutation policy in admission chain. (#123425, @cici37) [SIG API Machinery]
  • Add kubelet metrics to track the memory manager allocation and pinning (#121778, @Tal-or) [SIG Node and Testing]
  • Added support for cloud provider integrations to supply optional, per-Node custom labels that will be applied to Nodes by the node controller. Extra labels will only be applied where the cloud provider integration implements this. (#123223, @mmerkes) [SIG Cloud Provider]
  • Kube-apiserver now reloads the --authorization-config file when it changes. Reloads increment the apiserver_authorization_config_controller_automatic_reload_last_timestamp_seconds timestamp metric, with status="success" for successful reloads and status="failed" for failed reloads. Failed reloads keep using the previously loaded authorization configuration. (#121946, @liggitt) [SIG API Machinery, Auth and Testing]
  • Kube-apiserver now reports metrics for authorization decisions in the apiserver_authorization_decisions_total metric, labeled by authorizer type, name, and decision. (#123333, @liggitt) [SIG API Machinery, Auth and Testing]
  • Kubeadm: add support for machine readable output with "-o yaml" and "-o json" to the command "kubeadm certs check-expiration". This change is added in a new API "kind": "CertificateExpirationInfo", "apiVersion": "output.kubeadm.k8s.io/v1alpha3". The existing non structured formatting is preserved. The output API version v1alpha2 is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please migrate to using v1alpha3. (#123372, @carlory) [SIG Cluster Lifecycle]
  • LoadBalancerIPMode feature is now marked as Beta (#123418, @rikatz) [SIG Network and Testing]
  • New alpha feature gate SELinuxMount can be used to speed up SELinux relabeling of volumes. (#123157, @jsafrane) [SIG Node and Storage]
  • NewVolumeManagerReconstruction feature is now GA. (#123442, @jsafrane) [SIG Node]
  • Promoted the CRDValidationRatcheting feature gate to beta, and made it enabled by default. (#121461, @alexzielenski) [SIG API Machinery and Testing]
  • Update ImageGCMaxAge behavior in the kubelet to wait the MaxAge duration after the kubelet has restarted before garbage collecting (#123343, @haircommander) [SIG Node and Testing]
  • When the RetryGenerateName feature gate is enabled on the kube-apiserver, create requests using generateName are retried automatically by the apiserver when the generated name conflicts with an existing resource name, up to a max limit of 7 retries. This feature is in alpha. (#122887, @jpbetz) [SIG API Machinery]


  • Add a new internal metric in the kubelet that allow developers to understand the source of the latency problems on node startups.

    kubelet_first_network_pod_start_sli_duration_seconds (#121720, @aojea) [SIG Instrumentation, Network and Node]

Bug or Regression

  • DRA: fixed potential data race with no known real-world implications. (#123222, @pohly) [SIG Node]
  • Fix bug where health check could pass while APIServices are missing from aggregated discovery (#122883, @Jefftree) [SIG API Machinery and Testing]
  • Fixed an issue where a JWT authenticator configured via --authentication-config would fail to verify tokens that were not signed using RS256. (#123282, @enj) [SIG API Machinery, Auth and Testing]
  • Improves scheduler performance when no scoring plugins are defined. (#123384, @aleksandra-malinowska) [SIG Scheduling]
  • Kubeadm: fix a bug during kubeadm upgrade, where it is not possible to mount a new device and create a symbolic link for /etc/kubernetes (or a sub-directory) so that kubeadm stores its information on the mounted device. (#123406, @SataQiu) [SIG Cluster Lifecycle]
  • Kubeadm: fix a bug where "kubeadm upgrade plan -o yaml|json" includes unneeded output and was missing component config information. (#123492, @carlory) [SIG Cluster Lifecycle]
  • Patches a leak of a discovery document that would occur when an Aggregated APIService changed its Spec.Service field and did not change it back. (#123517, @Jefftree) [SIG API Machinery]
  • Restore --verify-only function in code generation wrappers. (#123261, @skitt) [SIG API Machinery]
  • Sample-apiserver manifest example will have correct RBAC (#123479, @Jefftree) [SIG API Machinery and Testing]

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • An optimization is implemented to reduce stack memory usage for watch requests. It is can be disabled with the feature gate: APIServingWithRoutine=false (#120902, @linxiulei) [SIG API Machinery]
  • Kubeadm: make sure that a variety of API server requests are retried during "init", "join", "upgrade", "reset" workflows. Prior to this change some API server requests, such as, creating or updating ConfigMaps were "one-shot" - i.e. they could fail if the API server dropped connectivity for a very short period of time. (#123271, @neolit123) [SIG Cluster Lifecycle]
  • Kubeadm: the bridge-nf-call-iptables=1 and bridge-nf-call-ip6tables=1 preflight checks are removed since not all the network implementations require this setting, network plugins are responsible for setting this correctly depending on whether or not they connect containers to Linux bridges or use some other mechanism. (#123464, @SataQiu) [SIG Cluster Lifecycle]
  • Upgrade metrics server to v0.7.0 (#123504, @pacoxu) [SIG Cloud Provider and Instrumentation]



Nothing has changed.



Nothing has changed.

Contributors, the CHANGELOG-1.30.md has been bootstrapped with v1.30.0-alpha.3 release notes and you may edit now as needed.

Published by your Kubernetes Release Managers.

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