[Elections] 2023 Kubeflow Project Steering Committee Elections - Eligible Voters and Candidates

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Amber Graner

Dec 4, 2023, 12:16:58 PM12/4/23
to kubeflow-discuss
Hi all, 

Today is the day we kick off our very first Kubeflow Project elections.  Today starts the Exceptions Phase of the Kubeflow Project Steering Committee Elections

As noted in my email from last week below is the timeline and the phases for the  Kubeflow Project Steering Committee Elections. 

Election Timeline and Phases
  • Exceptions Phase:  4 December 2023 at 0900 Pacific Time  (Starts) - 10 December 2023 at 12:00pm Pacific Time (Ends)
  • Nomination Phase: 11 December 2023 at 0900 Pacific Time  (Starts) - 24 December 2023 at 12:00pm Pacific Time (Ends)
  • Testimonial Phase: 25 December 2023 at 0900 Pacific Time (Starts) - 7 January 2024 at 12:00pm Pacific Time (Ends)
  • Voting Phase: 8 January 2024 at 0900 Pacific Time (Starts) - 29 January 2024 at 12:00pm Pacific Time (Ends)
  • Announcement of Election Results:  30 January 2024
The list of eligible voters and candidates who can be nominated are the same with the exception of election officers who can vote, but are ineligible to run for a position in the election they are administering.  Those who are ineligible are noted below in the list. 

For this election last year is from 3 December 2022 to 3 December 2023.

Exceptions Phase

The exceptions phase will start on 4 December 2023 at 9:00am PT.  If you are not on the list of eligible nominees or voters and believe you should be listed, you can file for an exception during this phase.  To file an exception please fill out the exceptions form

This phase allows the community to review the list of published eligible voters and candidates and if someone believes they are eligible but not include the list then they can file an exception, which the election officer(s) will review.  For example, if you've helped with and contributed to the projects with actions that aren't trackable in Github, such actively helping on slack, planning events, etc and your name isn't on the list, please consider filing an exception.  You can do so by filling out the exceptions form

List of eligible Voters and Candidates who are eligible to be Nominated:

- [tenzen-y](https://github.com/tenzen-y)
- [connor-mccarthy](https://github.com/connor-mccarthy)
- [chensun](https://github.com/chensun)
- [juliusvonkohout](https://github.com/juliusvonkohout)
- [gkcalat](https://github.com/gkcalat)
- [andreyvelich](https://github.com/andreyvelich)
- [kimwnasptd](https://github.com/kimwnasptd)
- [zijianjoy](https://github.com/zijianjoy)
- [johnugeorge](https://github.com/johnugeorge)
- [linchin](https://github.com/linchin)
- [tomcli](https://github.com/tomcli)
- [thesuperzapper](https://github.com/thesuperzapper)
- [jlyaoyuli](https://github.com/jlyaoyuli)
- [alculquicondor](https://github.com/alculquicondor)
- [yhwang](https://github.com/yhwang)
- [annajung](https://github.com/annajung)
- [jbottum](https://github.com/jbottum)
- [terrytangyuan](https://github.com/terrytangyuan)
- [dnplas](https://github.com/dnplas)
- [syulin7](https://github.com/syulin7)
- [droctothorpe](https://github.com/droctothorpe)
- [james-jwu](https://github.com/james-jwu)
- [surajkota](https://github.com/surajkota)
- [orfeas-k](https://github.com/orfeas-k)
- [difince](https://github.com/difince)
- [kuizhiqing](https://github.com/kuizhiqing)
- [tobiasgoerke](https://github.com/tobiasgoerke)
- [axel7083](https://github.com/axel7083)
- [apo-ger](https://github.com/apo-ger)
- [lowang-bh](https://github.com/lowang-bh)
- [cheyang](https://github.com/cheyang)
- [domfleischmann](https://github.com/domfleischmann)
- [akgraner](https://github.com/akgraner) [Ineligible to be nominated; election officer]
- [ryansteakley](https://github.com/ryansteakley)
- [nagar-ajay](https://github.com/nagar-ajay)
- [mimowo](https://github.com/mimowo)
- [deepanker13](https://github.com/deepanker13)
- [tasos-ale](https://github.com/tasos-ale)
- [jocstaa](https://github.com/jocstaa)
- [ananth102](https://github.com/ananth102)
- [elenzio9](https://github.com/elenzio9)
- [alexandrebrown](https://github.com/alexandrebrown)
- [arhell](https://github.com/arhell)
- [davidnet](https://github.com/davidnet) [Ineligible to be nominated; election officer]
- [vikas-saxena02](https://github.com/vikas-saxena02)
- [gaocegege](https://github.com/gaocegege)
- [ironpan](https://github.com/ironpan)
- [diegolovison](https://github.com/diegolovison)
- [hegaoyuan](https://github.com/hegaoyuan)
- [deepk2u](https://github.com/deepk2u)
- [rd-pong](https://github.com/rd-pong)
- [votti](https://github.com/votti)
- [sheevy](https://github.com/sheevy)
- [sen-sam](https://github.com/sen-sam)
- [matthewralston](https://github.com/matthewralston)
- [xhejtman](https://github.com/xhejtman)
- [ssheng](https://github.com/ssheng)
- [mchowdhury-91](https://github.com/mchowdhury-91)

Please note, everything is outlined in the following PRs  and should be merged soon.  We didn't want to hold up the election starting and causing us to move into February for the results.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we get these PRs merged. 


Again, if your name not on the list of voters or candidates and you believe is should be, please file an exception

Email Addresses for those who are eligible. 

We will also be reaching out to all those who are eligible via github to very their email addresses so we can ensure their voting keys are deliver to the correct email address for the the voting phase of this election.  If your name is on the list please be on the look for a message from me this week. 

Slack Channel

We have created a slack channel for election questions - #elections-kubeflow-project-steering-committee-2023

Calendar Reminders for each phase of the election

If you would like to be added to calendar reminders for each of these phases please let me know as I'll be setting up these reminders before Friday, 8 December 2023. 

With gratitude,
Amber on behalf of the election officers

Amber Graner

Dec 4, 2023, 1:49:01 PM12/4/23
to kubeflow-discuss
Hi all, 

Just wanted to keep you all updated as we work through this election process. 

With gratitude, 

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