Problems in sending nested arraylists of complex data type through soap model.

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Muddy Mind

Mar 23, 2017, 12:59:16 AM3/23/17
to ksoap2-android
I am having a trouble with sending nested arraylists of complex data types through ksoap library in android. The problem in that I get the response and can parse it fine but when I want to send the model back to service it contains nested arraylists and when sending it puts them to null. I have tried every way and trick but it haven't worked. Below is the example code for what I am trying to share. 

public class ExampleModelA implements Parcelable,KvmSerializable {
public int Id;
public int C;
public int D;
public String E;
public int G;
public String E;
public Date G;
public int Y;
public Date H;
public int U;
public ArrayList<NewModel> abc= new ArrayList<>();
public ArrayList<Enumerations.TestTypes> abcd= new ArrayList<>();

Now inside NewModel I am sending this list:
public class NewModel implements Parcelable, KvmSerializable{
public int Id ;
public int Q;
public int W;
public int E;
public String R;
public int T;
public String Y;
public boolean U;
public int I;
public ArrayList<AnotherModel> NewModel2;
public String O;
public Date P;
public int A;
public Date S;
public int D;

Now inside AnotherModel it's another list:
public class AnotherModel implements Parcelable,KvmSerializable, Marshal {

public int Id ;
public String Name ;
public String Purpose ;
public String Threshold ;
public String Sources ;

And now when I send this list in service the newModel turns null so I am unable to send the request. Kindly help me in this regard. thanks;
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