Krusader turns 20

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Davide Gianforte

Apr 30, 2020, 6:47:40 AM4/30/20

today it's 20 years since the first release. We shared the news through many social network with the help of KDE Promo Team.

Facebook :
Twitter :
Mastodon :
Diaspora :
Linkedin :
Reddit :

Any help is apreciated: share the links, helps improving Krusader (bugs reporting, documentation, translate or develop)

Best regards,
The Krusader Krew

TN Patriot

Apr 30, 2020, 9:27:27 AM4/30/20
Thank you very much for Krusader! I switched to using Linux in the year 2000
after having started using a computer which had Microslop 3.1 back in '93 or
'94 IIRR.

It took me all of maybe three or four months to learn I was going to *HATE*
Microslop, and it proved me correct from 3.1 to W95, W98, W98SE and
M$ 2000.

I literally started to look for something that *wasn't* M$ one day in February
of 2000 and when I discovered Linux, I literally switched to using it
overnight (after of course being stuck on dial-up and taking three days to
download each of three distros, then finally settling with SuSE for a few

If I remember right, I started to use Krusader then after getting sick of
Konqueror as my file manager *and* web was good for being a
browser but lousy for the file manager.

I started to use Krusader and within hours I knew that that was going to be
all I needed and probably would ever need, and it's proven true. I've tried
*many* other file managers for KDE and other DE's, but none of them come close
to being able to do what I want, as easily and as quickly as Krusader.

Even playing around with other distro's, just for something to do (btw, I
stuck with SuSE until they decided to form up with M$ and that other useless
business I can't remember the name of at the moment and have been on Slackware
since!) and those thjat use DE's other than KDE I've always tried to get
Krusader installed as the file manager. For many, like XFCE and the LX's it
was a true PITA and more times than not it would never get installed or
installed enough only to not work correctly for one reason or another. It's
okay though, as I said, I was only playing around as something to do. I've
been a fan of KDE since the beginning and no matter what distro I use, I
*WILL* have Krusader as my file manager or I'll go to another distro.

Anyway, happy birthday Krusader and many, many thanks to all those involved in
building it and keeping it working for us! You're all good people!

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