Re: Krusader-1.90.0 "Power Stone" release for KDE3

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Frank Schoolmeesters

Mar 6, 2008, 6:11:13 PM3/6/08
to krusader-devel, krusader-i18n,,
On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 10:10 PM, Frank Schoolmeesters
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> Finally i have found some free time to continue the 1.90.0 release.
> I have commited IMHO the most important Useractions in CVS
> for the Krusader-1.90.0 release, feel free to test and remind me
> if i missed important Useractions that are interesting to commit.
> Krusader-1.90.0 = Krusader-1.80.0 + Useractions
> If translators wants to fix GUI translations that are not ok in
> Krusader-1.80.0 please send them to Dirk, so that the Krusader-1.90.0
> release will contain these fixes. Ofcource new languages are also welcome.
> I suggest to release 1.90.0 in about 4 weeks (beginning of March),
> so that everybody has the time to test or to send in fixes if needed.
> thanks a lot and bye,
> Frank

Hi all,

I think current CVS is ready for the 1.90.0 release. Please test
current CVS if you like.
If there are no objections i propose to release it around 15 March.

Special thanks goes to Václav Juza for testing, debugging and general help!

Regarding the useractions menu i propose to use "Category" to use as a
subfolder in the
menu stucture of the useractions, because the useractions menu gets to
big with many
useractions (useractions_1-90-0.png) Like actionman shows in the
title-box (actionman_1-90-0.png),
and don't use a subfolder when category has a empty field.

thanks and bye,


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