Krusader Newsletter: Volume 6, Number 1, 30 January 2010

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Frank Schoolmeesters

Jan 30, 2010, 4:55:34 AM1/30/10

Krusader Newsletter, 30 January 2010

(c) 2005-2010 by The Krusader Krew, All Rights Reserved


Welcome to the first Krusader Newsletter of 2010 with news, views and
information about recent developments and ongoing issues in the
Krusader project. Our aim is to inform of recent developments, give a
preview of upcoming features and give our loyal users a direct line to
the Krusader Krew.

Help Wanted - C++/Qt/KDE Developers wanted
Since the Krusader team has lack of free time to write new code due to
many private and professional obligations, we are looking for new
developers to continue the Krusader development [1].
Skills: C++, Qt, KDE
Source code:
Thanks !

Jan Lepper has joined us recently and is doing a great job, thanks Jan !
But we still have need for about four developers to share the workload.
Due to lack of time, currently, the main focus is killing bugs, code
maintenance and not new features


Krusader 2.1.0-beta1 "Rusty Clutch" released!
On 31 October 2009 we have released the second release [2] of your
favourite file manager for KDE4! This version is the first one after
moving the development to kde-extragear. It is a well balanced mix of
stabilization and new features.
Being a beta release we ask you to provide bug reports, feedback and
patches to make the upcoming stable as solid as possible.
- Stabilization and code consistency
- Old views have been replaced by the interviews
- A new fast text and hex viewer called Lister
- Queued archive handling, which in addition is job based now
- Improved tab support, including locked tabs
- Better trash integration


HTML Handbook translations available for download
Some Krusader-2.0.0 "Mars Pathfinder" handbooks are translated [3] by
the KDE translation teams [4]. So we have created a new download
section called "documentation-i10n-html" [5] at the Sourceforge
mirrors. Currently a Swedish and Ukrainian handbook are available for
download. Thanks to the KDE translation teams !


Krusader-2.0.0 "Mars Pathfinder" distribution news
*********************************************************** reports that currently 17 distibutions provide
Krusader-2.0.0 [6]. BlackPanther OS [7], MOPSLinux [8] and PureOS [9]
do provide for the first time Krusader officially. Thanks! Be aware
that only checks the initial release of a distro, so
updates, backports or external repositories are not always reported in
this list.


* Arch Linux: current
* Ark Linux: dockyard
* blackPanther OS: 10.1, 9.1
* CCux Linux: stable
* Fedora: rawhide
* FreeBSD: 8.0
* Gentoo Linux: unstable, stable
* Lunar Linux: moonbase
* Mandriva Linux: cooker
* Momonga Linux: 6.1, 6, 5
* MOPSLinux: 6.2.2
* PLD Linux Distribution: 3.0
* PureOS: 2.0-beta2
* sidux: 2009-04, 2009-03 (Kde-full version)
* Sorcerer: grimoire
* openSUSE: factory, 11.2
* T2 SDE: snapshot


Krusader project: will become 10 years old in a few months
On 30 April 2010, Krusader will celebrate the tenth anniversary [10] !
For a successful next decade we need new developers, please join our
project [1] !


New features available in Krusader-2.1.0-SVN "Second gear"
Please note that Krusader-SVN is a development version and probably
will contain some bugs, but it allows you to use the brand new
features (it contains bug fixes as well) !

Current highlights:
- Change icon size individually per view
- Thumbnails - toggleable by mainmenu > view > Show Previews
- 128x128 pixel versions of the application icon, needed by Mac OS X
- Konfigurator options: Look&Feel > Panel > Status/Totalsbar settings
Draw frame / Fill background
- Konfigurator option: Colors > Colors > Other > Statusbar
- Konfigurator option: Look&Feel > Panel > Panel layout > Quicksearch
position / Tab Bar position
- Buttons "(un)mount" and "eject" in mountman gui

A complete overview of all changes can be monitored online with the
Changelog [11] and SVNNEWS [12] files.


Help and feedback
Here you get a chance to contribute to the Krusader project. Some
things need to be done, but can't be done by us. Help, feedback, and
contributions are always welcome. If you feel you can help, please
follow this link [13]. Thank you! If you have a topic for Krusader
news, please contact Frank. Your feedback on this newsletter and
future newsletters will be appreciated.


Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas to improve Krusader, feel
free to let us know. We do it all, for you....

Kind regards,

Krusader Krew

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