Krusader 1.70.1 "Round Robin" released!

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Dirk Eschler

Jul 17, 2006, 5:11:44 PM7/17/06
The Krew is pleased to announce the stable release of Krusader 1.70.1.
Introducing many new, expert features as well as many operational and
visibility enhancements. With this release Krusader is heading straight to
its second milestone, bringing a feature rich file manager with new
technologies and standards to the Linux desktop. We would like to thank the
developers, translators, and the rest of the community for keeping us sharp,
for beta testing and using our file manager and for your feedback, which
makes this product one of the greatest.

* Drastic improvement of performance when opening folders with lots of files
* Remote encoding menu for fish, ftp and sftp protocols
* Text search in files displays the first line with keywords in a search
* Various integrated checksum calculating and verifying tools
* Colorful user interface of many elements such as synchronizer
* Tab oriented internal editor with syntax highlighting
* And many, many more that you can find in our changelog...

Changes since beta1 include (but not limited to):
* Improvements in the checksum module
* More control over the terminal emulator (requested feature)
* Our modified KIO-TAR is now built only when passing --with-kiotar to
* Bugfixes to bookmarks, viewer and much more
* A fix for a nasty bug that was plagueing people with gcc 4.x

Changes since beta2 include (but not limited to):
* New icons and artwork by our contest winner Andrew Neupokoev
* A splashscreen based on the contest artwork
* Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes!

Changes since 1.70.0:
* Security fix: prevents passwords from being stored in cleartext in
* Many fixes that have been backported from CVS
* Added a Turkish translation

Release notes:

Kind regards,
The Krusader Krew

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Shie Erlich

Jul 18, 2006, 3:52:19 PM7/18/06
thanks man for doing the release.

Shie Erlich
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