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Frank Schoolmeesters

Jul 27, 2009, 4:15:54 AM7/27/09
to krusader-devel, krusader-i18n,
Hi everyone,

Krusader translation Wiki
The Krusader translation status can be followed on a Wiki
I have made the proper modifications to the Wiki.
Current Krusader status: Currently no release schedule, Currently not
in string freeze.

So that the KDE translation teams know when it's time to translate Krusader,
though we should announce a string freeze as well on the KDE i10
mailing list to notify the KDE i10 teams.

Translating Krusader
As Dirk has said (at below of this e-mail), please join your KDE i10n
team if you like to continue translate Krusader.

Krusader translation status
The translation status of the GUI can be followed on the next url:

The translation of the HANDBOOK can be followed with several urls:
Because there are about twenty handbook pot files there are about
twenty url's for the handbook
If you take a look you can see that there we have now a Ukrainian,
Swedish, Portuguese, German, French Krusader handbooks !

I'm not sure if one url exist that shows the complete i10 status of
the handbook.

Krusader sourcecode
The Krusader sourcecode resides in:

The Krusader GUI pot file (template):
And a second small Krusader GUI pot file for the Krusader icon:

The Krusader Handbook pot files (template):

Some examples of the German translation files
Some examples of translation files, these are the files that
translators are working on (I this example the German translation):
-> Change "de" in your language code "foo" to check out your language "foo".

The German Krusader GUI and icon po file (krusader.po,
desktop_extragear-utils_krusader.po not yet translated, and some other
i10n po files):

The German Krusader handbook po files (and some other i10n po files):

Thanks and bye,


On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 10:57 PM, Dirk Eschler<> wrote:
> Hi,
> as you probably already know, Krusader has been moved into kdereview and will
> soon become part of kde-extragear. So i can retire and settle down on the
> bahamas. ;)
> The krusader l10n will be handled by dedicated KDE translation teams. That
> means, this list will sooner or later be closed. If you want to keep working
> on Krusader's translations, please join the translation team for your language
> (if you haven't been invited by a team member already).
> is a good starting point.
> Best regards and many thanks to everyone for your contributions!
> Dirk Eschler
> --
> Dirk Eschler <>
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