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Gengis Dave

Dec 29, 2019, 8:58:34 AM12/29/19
Hi all,

in reference of bug (cant focus embedded terminal with ctrl+down), I looked to the code involving this.

At the moment, there are two modes to move up/down between the widgets - Location bar, Panel, Sidebar, Embedded terminal, Command Line.

The first one is a configurable shortcut, by default CTRL+SHIFT+UP/DOWN, you can move (from top to bottom) between:

Panel View (brief or detailed)
Side Bar (if visible)
Embedded Terminal (if activated)
Command Line

The second one is hardcoded with CTRL+UP/DOWN, and lets you to move between:

Location Bar (edit mode)
Panel View
Command Line

it also let you to move out of the Embedded Terminal but not to move into.

While the original ticket could be closed with a "use this shortcut" and modify accordingly the documentation, it would be better to merge this two methods.

My proposal is to leave the configurable shortcut only, adding the possibility to go in edit mode in the location bar. This will require changes in the eventFilter methods and in the class KrusaderView.

What do you think about it?

Thank you very much

Nikita Melnichenko

Dec 30, 2019, 3:32:55 AM12/30/19
to, Gengis Dave
Hi Davide,

I support your proposal. The functionality is almost the same for the two shortcuts, it's good to eliminate hard-coded settings and I don't see a use case of using separate shortcuts.


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