The Story of Nityanand Das

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May 18, 2010, 12:30:21 PM5/18/10
to Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj
The Story of Nityanand Das!/note.php?note_id=118289501541077

One early morning Nityananddas, drowned in the leela bliss of God's
love, was approached by a babaji who told him, "At midnight tonight
your Spiritual Master will disappear. He has called to see you."
Nityananddas thought, that this seemed like the act of maya shakti to
distract him from experiencing the bliss of his Beloved's leelas He
did not go.

Nityananddas ignored the Divine instructions of his Guru out of being
desirous for his devotional experience. That same night at midnight,
Nityananddas's devotional feelings of the leelas and the Divine name
of Shree Krishn ceased. His heart was overcome by darkness.

Bewildered, he left for his Spiritual Master's ashram where he found
that his Master had indeed disappeared. Struck with a feeling of
extreme distress, Nityananddas' heart began to burn in the fire of
grief. He requested an explanation from the older mahatmas who told
him "Even though a disciple may attain a high stage in his devotion,
but if he neglects the advice of his Spiritual Master and abandons the
refuge of his lotus feet, then this is what happens to him. The lotus
feet of the Spiritual Master are the gateway which reveal the Grace of
God. You should go to a secluded area and worship your Spiritual

Nityananddas did the worship for a year. At the end of that year his
Guru appeared before him. Nityananddas bowed his head to the lotus
feet of his Guru. Tears were flowing from his Guru's eyes and he said,
"My son! You did not come at that time, so what shall I do now?".

Saying this he disappeared. Nityananddas fell on the ground. A little
ray of hope which sparked his heart began to fade. Nevertheless, he
kept the fading ray of hope alive by remembering his Guru's form and
chanting the Divine name.

It so happened that while doing parikrama of Govardhan hill, Advaitdas
Babaji heard Nityananddas chanting the Divine name and came to a very
old hut in which Nityananddas was lovingly singing the Divine name of
Shree Krishn.

Nityananddas Baba loudly repeated the Divine name one hundred thousand
times daily and slept only for two hours every night. One day in
Kartic Mas (8th month of the Hindu calendar), Nityananddas became
Divinely absorbed in the Bliss of the loving and charming leelas of
Shree Krishn and entered into the raas leela.

"Even if a person equals the creator Brahma in knowledge, or Lord
Shankar in renunciation, still he cannot cross the ocean of maya
without a true Spiritual Master."

Source: JKP Barsana Dham Newsletter

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