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this Google Group network is the brain child of Ramon Tancinco of Cisco, and Richard Lucas - a British entrepreneur who has lived in Krakow for more than 20 years.

Ramon Tancinco has famously talked about the Krakow's potential to be a Silicon Valley here
and set up and maintains the PB Works free site about IT in Krakow here

We have a group on Linkedin also run by Ramon and Richard here

Dynamic community groups like
Hive53, local versions of the global movement like TEDxKrakow are more than building the community, incubators and accelerators like the Technology Park,  Innovation Nest and IIF are all welcome here.  

Please take the time to review our values.

Values of our Krakow Pro-Enterprise community 

Voluntary: We do it because we believe in it. People who want to make money can do so but not by monetizing the network and making it unavailable unless you pay...

Open networks - We believe our network must be comprised of people and organisations who believe in open networks.

Status.... We believe that our community should be made up of people who believe that any social status is earned by their current activity, and contribution, not past achievement, fame, or "rock star" status

Money: Events we organise must be open to talented and motivated people with no money or contacts. In other words a "ladder up" for those who want it

Transparency: Financial and other deals with sponsors, partners etc should be clear and obviously stated. Everything in the light of day.

Good standing: As a community, we will do our best to keep out corrupt or dodgy people.

Private sector Led: We don't to rely on the government  or to be a channel for giving away tax payers money. We can partner with, link to the government,   invite them to our events, use their buildings and facilities, but we do not want them to control our initiatives.

Freemium: It is fine for sponsors to pay for extra value add, such as covering the cost of events, but the majority of events should be free/low cost to visitors.

Linking: We are committed to linking to everyone who is relevant to the eco system.

Events: We will share info about events which we think are relevant for our community, while trying to avoid collisions and clashes.

Databases/Media: We will try to get a consistent pro-enterprise message out to all media. Our mutual challenge and goal should be to speak with a unified voice for Krakow's enterprise community.

Mentoring/Support: We need to find every opportunity to encourage mentorship at all levels (experience and non-experienced, young and old, multinational and start-up). Mentoring is a way that people who have been successful can give something to the next generation of business people.

Children and Youth Engagement: It is never too young to learn about entrepreneurship, we need to pull together as a community to engage our youth in this area.