Kraken 0.687 release and previous ones

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Michal Nowikowski

Jul 16, 2021, 2:29:11 AM7/16/21
to Kraken CI

I'm pleased to announce the Kraken 0.687 release and some previous ones that were not published here yet.

The installation instruction is available in Quick Start guide on

Here is  the list changes that were released:

Kraken 0.687

The installation instruction is available in [Quick Start]( guide.

Features & improvements
- updated golang base image to 1.16
- improved handling timeout in agent
- added retry on timeout when connecting from tool to jobber

- fixed resetting schema repo refresh job id

Kraken 0.647

Features & improvements:
- added background steps
- [#113] added support for Rocky Linux
- replaced Celery with RQ for background tasks
- added more details about RQ jobs on the diagnostics page
- added changing name of branch in a repo
- upgraded Angular and PrimeNG to 12
- when run is being started then stage schema is refreshed from repo
- added button for  checking email and AWS settings
- converted timestamps columns to be with timezone in Postgresql schema
- converted all char(n) columns in db to text
- added doing db backup during deployment

- fixed deleting dangling agents with no AWS instance
- added db rollback in watchdog in case of exception
- improved checking agents vm to destroy
- pytest tool: added check if collecting tests failed
- fixed counting available agents
- added detecting jobs with no agent and spawning them
- improved creating system records
- improved checking args to agent
- improved pulling git repo in git tool

Kraken 0.566

The installation instruction is available in [Quick Start]( guide.

Features & improvements:
- improved performance of loading list of flows
- improved loading project data

- [#112] fixed changing user password
- fixed db migration

Kraken 0.557

More details on Kraken website:

Features & improvements:
- #105 added browsing Kraken logs in diagnostics page
- added errors number indicator in the top menu bar
- added integration with AWS EC2 - spawning VMs for jobs (beta/preview)
- added loading status with a spinner to submit, refresh and other buttons
- added interpolating variables in system and agents_group names in a workflow schema
- added adding a kraken user to docker group and configuring sudo in agent installer
- kraken workflow: switched to AWS agents in build and static analysis jobs
- added codebeat badge to the readme

- fixed preparing repo changes data
- fixed counting agents in agents group
- fixed updating schema_from_repo_enabled
- fixed colors of top menu items

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