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Nari Lee

May 14, 2024, 6:08:55 AMMay 14
to KpqC-bulletin
Dear HAETAE team,

Among the suggested parameters, we found that the parameter HAETAE-120 does not satisfy the assumption that B >= sqrt(B'^2 + t^2) in Lemma 5 on page 14. Thus, it will not satisfy paHVZK on page 21, which assumes that B^2 >= B'^2 + gamma^2 * tau. We checked that the implementation also uses the same parameter. 

It seems that the parameter will need to be adjusted, but it will be simple to fix.

All the best,

Nari Lee, Hansol Ryu, and Hochang Lee

Hyeongmin Choe

May 23, 2024, 10:03:20 PMMay 23
to KpqC-bulletin
Dear Nari and all, 

We first thank you for your interest in HAETAE. 

We agree with the mistake in setting the parameters due to rounding 
errors—slightly increasing B or decreasing B' fixes the problem. We 
will include a fix in the upcoming update. 


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