KPPY Combinatorics Seminar

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This is the mailing list for the KPPY Combinatorial seminar.
The seminar announcements will be made here, and anyone can view them here. 

If you become a member of this group, it means that the seminar announcements will be sent to you by e-mail.
To become a member:
  •   If you have a google groups account, you can make yourself a member through the normal methods.
  •   If you got an e-mail invitation, follow the link in it.  ( There seem to be problems if you don't get your e-mail directly, but pop it through a different account. Possibly there are other problems too.)
  •   You can send an e-mail to with subject line KPPY-Subscribe.
You can cancel membership at anytime.

(Membership will not allow you to post to the e-mail list, only the organisers will be able to do this, and we
 will try to restrict e-mails to at most two per seminar)  

Seminar website: