ERROR could not convert string to float:

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Jf Bogaerts

Aug 22, 2020, 6:15:06 AM8/22/20
to kplex

Running kplex1.4 on raspbery buster I found the following behavior.
My wind instrument sometimes gives sentences without values like:
MWV,,,,,,A*21 (I know this is weird but...)

This sentence cause an error for kplex like:
ERROR  could not convert string to float:

If I define an input filter like the one below there is no more errors and empty value sentences are filtered out in kplex output stream, which at the end is good for me.


Keith Young

Aug 22, 2020, 4:33:32 PM8/22/20
to kplex
I've been unable to find a message like that in the source.  I can't actually think of anywhere kplex is converting strings to floats except when parsing arguments on startup.  The only string to number conversion I can think of is checksumming and there's no errors similar to that produced.  Is this error accompanied by an interface shutting down or kplex exiting?  If you could find me the exact string being produced this would be helpful.  Certainly you should be able to feed junk input into kplex without it producing an error.  If it is throwing some kind of error because of bad input then that's a bug.

Keith Young

Sep 4, 2020, 6:03:11 AM9/4/20
to kplex
I'd really like to look into this but I do need more info, notably the specific error and whether the interface or kplex as a whole crashes after you see it.

I'm wondering whether this may not be kplex producing this message but instead something you're feeding the output of kplex into?  Possibly a python program?
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