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May 5, 2015, 7:28:53 PM5/5/15
to kpla...@googlegroups.com
How is this supposed to stream? Did I miss some setup step? I got files into the system but now when clicked they just download a file.


May 13, 2015, 10:13:07 AM5/13/15
to kpla...@googlegroups.com

I´m german User and send the Question in german...

Wenn ich eine Playliste anlege, die Speichere und in den SAM einleise, bekomme ich nicht die Titel angezeigt sondern nur so ein Link (keine ID3 Tags). Kann mir da jemand helfen was ich da machen kann oder wo ich was umstellen muss damit auch die Titel in der Playliste vom Sendeprogramm angezeigt werden?

LG Micha


May 20, 2015, 7:27:21 AM5/20/15
to kpla...@googlegroups.com
I had the same problem as yours. Whenever I try to play a song or a playlist, my browser downloads a .m3u file to disk. After a lot of struggling with the configuration, I finally  found a solution. Here's how I solved it.

kplaylist.1.8.512.bundle ( http://www.kplaylist.net/archive.php?id=512bz )

The kplaylist bundle zip file doesn't contain xspf player in its archive. So I downloaded it from their site and extracted its contents into xspf directory inside kplaylist root directory.
and changed kpconfig.php file contents as shown below.


// this is a kpconfig meant for the "kPlaylist 1.8 bundle edition"

$cfg['laststreamscount'] = 12;

//xspf configuration that solves this issue.
$cfg['xspf_url'] = 'xspf/xspf_player.swf';
$cfg['xspf_enable'] = true;
$cfg['window_x'] = 420;
$cfg['window_y'] = 220;

$cfg['enablegetid3'] = 1;

$cfg['getid3include'] = 'getid3/getid3/getid3.php';

$cfg['livestreamajax'] = true;

// JW: edit this to suit your setup
$cfg['jw_urls'] = 
'swf' => 'mediaplayer-3-16/mediaplayer.swf',
'js' => 'mediaplayer-3-16/swfobject.js'

// enable jw player? Make sure the URLs above works.
$cfg['jw_enable'] = true;

$bundleconfig = array(
'shoutbox' => 1,
'ajaxurl' => 'prototype.js'

$cfg['jw6_url'] = 'jwplayer/jwplayer.js';

$cfg['jw6_enable'] = true;


Finally, open up your kplaylist webpage>>go to options>>set playlist option to xspf.

That's it. If there is any better way to do it, then let me know. Happy listening :)

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